Quote: By thought we receive what we wish. By action we receive it. - Author Unknown

If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be? Would you wish for yourself any successful personal or business accomplishments? What about a you wish to improve your skills wherever and whenever you needed? Or would you grant yourself unlimited prosperity?

You really can create your own future by focusing your thoughts on what you wish to accomplish and take action to make them come true. Know that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, both good and bad just by your thoughts. To make wishes come true just by your thoughts, sounds easy and it does happen.

Giving deep emotion to your wish, and placing your faith in whatever you wish to happen, makes this possible. Though, it may take frequent practice, start your test with little wishes first. When the little wishes come true, keep going. Increase your emotions, feelings, and faith until your biggest wish comes true.

With the beginning of each new year, you are given the opportunity to pause and reflect on your activities of the past year. Is there anything you would do differently?

Here are a dozen what if’s you might ask yourself to consider. Pick two or more, try them everyday, and at the end 30 days, if you are not a new person, you will feel better for trying!

What if you ….

1. Make someone else’s wish come true?

2. Give more of your time, money, and attention to others?

3. Start exercising more to stay in good health?

4. Pray more knowing it increases your trust and faith, and boosts your creative spirit?

5. Criticize or complain less about yourself or others?

6. Become more considerate of the feelings of others and less quick to voice judgment?

7. Prepare and eat healthier foods and lower your intake of unhealthy junk foods?

8. Work on changing all negative habits and behaviors?

9. Follow God’s guidance in all things you attempt to do?

10. Make it a habit to listen more, talk less, and keep an open mind to understanding a different point of view?

11. Achieve something worthwhile by setting goals for each day and taking specific actions that will help you accomplish them?

12. Create a more positive attitude and outlook on life?

At the end of your 30 days, double check your results. Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? Your life may be empowered with more energy than you expected. Learn to accept the new positive changes. When you do, your destiny is shaped according to how well you complete your what if’s.

Again, just trying a few of these what if’s for 30 days will not only make you feel better, you may also change your life. May the ones you select and then do, come true. May you always be blessed with good health, creative spiritual growth, and your prayers be answered. Remember to express gratitude for everything you now have and for whatever may come. Take action to make all your worthy wishes come true. And… do have fun!

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