Waking up to a sprawling lawn every morning is nothing less than a dream as there are several living in the urban areas who are surrounded by concrete buildings with no greenery to refresh their senses every morning. A lawn is considered an asset and ensuring that it is maintained well takes a lot of effort. As there is no way that you can protect it from the scorching sun or the presence of weed with the grass, you are to ensure that it is watered well as well as mowed from time to time that allows it to stay nourished and sprawling.

If it is your hobby to take good care of your garden, you are likely to take up the tasks of lawn care all by yourself. You could often take help from professionals who are trained experts for lawn mowing services in Bentleigh East and would ensure that they help you with good advice on lawn mowing. Here are a few tips that we have extracted from the experts to help you perform lawn mowing with extreme ease.

Remove stones and broken branches (if any) – There are chances when you may notice rocks, broken branches and other leaf litter before you start the mowing. Professionals for lawn mowing services in Bentleigh East believe that it is essential for you to get rid of them before you start off. This is because they may get stuck with the blades and often splattered here and there that may hurt you or anyone around you.

Avoid watering the lawn – Most of us follow the myth that wet grass is likely to get cut faster whereas it is something that is extremely harmful to the lawn. Experts on gardening services in Brighton agree to the fact that when the soil below the grass gets moist and heavy, the high speed of the lawn mower is likely to pull along soil along with the grass and thus leaving behind ugly patches. The grass blades with water on it can also make things slippery where the mower blade may not cut it as required.

Let the grass stand up – Grass blades are often known to lean towards the ground either due to trampling, or strong winds which can get difficult to mow as the blades of the mower would be able to touch the grass as desired. You could consider brushing the grass with a broom that would allow the grass to stand up this making it easy for you to mow it.

Maintain your mower well – It is a natural tendency for most of us to put back the mower back in its place once we are dome with the task and do not check for its functionality or any other defects in it. Experts on gardening services in Brighton suggest you could consider checking it frequently to see whether the blades are sharpened well, and the bolts and screws are greased well and are intact. This would allow you to have a smooth mowing experience whenever you make use of it next.

Change the mowing patterns – Opting for a single pattern to mow the lawn can allow you to witness scarce growth at certain areas, and so you could always change patterns where you mow it horizontally once and the vertically the following session.

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