I have often thought back to those early years in childhood and reflected on the wisdom from within. There was a sense of wonder at life, a sense of stillness and yet barely contained excitement. Beyond even that, there was a deep sense of knowing and yet an openness to the potentials this new world had to offer.

Somewhere along the way the knowingness gave way to doubt, peace and stillness gave way to fear and insecurity and a potential that made us shine and step forward, faded from view and we stepped back and felt small and unworthy. As childhood vanished and adulthood was embraced, a feeling of having lost something precious, speaks to us in the recesses of our consciousness.

And so our amnesiac journey of rediscovering ourselves begins,the return to the whole magnificent self and the return to full potential. For some it is a journey of numerous cycles, that takes a lifetime to complete, and yet for others a single moment can shift all that was forgotten or set aside. Each journey is so unique and amazing and such a gift.

While moving through our journey, the Universe hears our silent plea for wholeness and steps in with insight, experiences or moments of opportunity and clarity; a moment to open a new door and a new potential.

One such moment, that feels like a lifetime ago, happened when a wonderful wise man sat me down and explained to me a simple and yet profound idea. "Everything you need to know, all the knowing you are searching for, is no farther than your own inner self. No guru, no teacher, no book or study will provide you with anything that you don't already have within yourself. "

With my mind so set on the practical and the linear, it was an idea that was beyond my grasp in that moment. Years later I understand the simplicity, beauty and truth of those words and realized that the journey was one of my own making, whether effortless or limited.

But I will say this for the journey, 'it has its merits'. On the journey within, we meet amazing people who show us a magnificent human potential or the mirror of our limited selves, we visit extraordinary places on the planet that fire the imagination or we spend endless amounts of time on the proverbial park bench of our choosing to just be still. We have endless experiences in our careers, relationships, wealth, and health, that toss us to and fro, up and down. Whatever the journey, however soft or chaotic the experience, we return to the simple truth. We have a wisdom and power within that is beyond anything that we can imagine. What an extraordinary thing to discover. You are the one you have been waiting for. It is there for everyone. A choice is made and the journey however long or short unveils a beauty and magnificence within. It really is that simple.

What an incredible revelation. You return to the place where you started and truly see yourself as the infinite, limitless person you were always meant to be. You understand that your wisdom truly is within.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Elliot

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Devoted the last 11 years to personal transformation. I recognized within myself a passion to help people to achieve higher states of consciousness and personal development. I studied Usui Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Crystal Healing and Quantum Healing and have combined them with Mindset Coaching. From all of these disciplines I came to realize my own innate gift to see energy fields and the ability to modify those quantum fields to greatest potential of the people, biological systems or animal species I serve.