There comes a time in life when we all need a wireless headset for TV. And anyone who has young children knows that he needs them NOW.

Actually, they are your only option if you live with people and you like to watch series and movies without getting dizzy or dizzy. Well, there's another: use a 3 or 4-meter extension cable for your headphones. But I do not recommend having a cable lying in the middle of the room with people milling around.

However, and although everyone thinks at least once a week that they would have to buy one, most do not know where to start. Until recently all this wireless headphones was an exotic thing, but luckily there are more and more alternatives. Some brands have seen the reef that represents this type of headphones and do not stop taking new models, more capable and more functionalities.

What do you need to have a wireless headset for TV
There are many wireless headphones that work well with music, but to serve you also to watch TV should have a little more.

Low latency when you give the play to Spottily from your mobile it does not matter that the sound takes 0.01 or 2 seconds to go through the headphones. But when you watch a movie or a video game the audio does not match the video and it rages a lot. Some video players allow to control the delay of the audio track and to advance it, but it is a very shabby patch. The solution is to buy a wireless TV headset to ensure fast data transmission.

High capacity battery. If you buy a Bluetooth headset that declares a battery life of 4 hours, it means that under real conditions of use last 3, that after a year will be 2 and in two years 1. That's the same way to go running, but they are not good wireless TV headsets. Get yourself headset headphones that declare a minimum of 8-10 hours of battery to have reasonable performance and not always be suffering from not finishing the movie.

Isolation and comfort. The open headphones sound great, but they are not watching TV. If you buy a wireless TV headset because you want to isolate yourself, what's the point of it being open and the sound in and out happily? The same with comfort. The portable headphones that rest on the ear are very cruise, but to which you take two hours, less if you wear glasses, you are more to cut your ears than to continue with the series. Buy some closed circumaural headphones as comfortable and padded as you can find. If in addition to good insulation bring some type of noise cancellation (ANC - Active Noise Canceling), better than better.

The sound profile you want to watch movies. What happens in the movies? There are dialogs, effects, and soundtrack. Also, you're going to be quite a while with them on. The headphones that you are looking for must have good bass and subwoofers for atmospheres and effects, but without overpowering so you do not end up with your head like a bass drum. Advanced and clear means for the voices, and a soft treble that does not whip you. Also, inside being closed headphones, should have a scene as wide as possible.

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