Trekking is a challenging journey on foot to scale the altitude of mighty mountains.
Add to it the ambience offered by winters, the challenge increases multifold.

Winter Trekking in the Himalayas is usually from November till the end of March. It is not a favourite season of lethargic trekkers. But it is a golden opportunity for the energetic souls and adventure buffs, who seek adrenaline rushes with every breath. The difficulty bar is raised quite a bit due to higher altitudes and lower temperate. It’s a unique wilderness experience that offers breath taking views of mighty mountain peaks veiled with pure, white snow.

Winter Treks offer abundance when it comes to quiet, expansive snowscapes. Trekkers often lose the sense of time, while treading the footsteps left in the snow. For a few, Winter Treks are an excuse to step out of their comfort zones while for others it’s an escape from monotonous, cacophonous city life.
Top winter treks in Indian Himalayas-
1) Brahmatal Trek -Brahmatal lake trek is yet another alluring winter trek that needs a definite visit. Nestled in the Uttarakhand Himalayas lies a hidden water body that is as stunning as sparkling star in the night sky. Brahmatal trek starts from Lohajung, the popular base of Roopkund trek. Therefore, arriving to this amazing trek you will cross the popular tourist spots Kausani, Almora and Bheemtal etc.

The first day of trek from Lohajun is to Bekaltal. You will be crossing the big valley that is a confluence of Kali and Pindari rivers, lush meadows and dense forests. After Bekaltal the next big stop is directly the summit Brahmatal lake. The pathway to the head goes through dense rohdodendrons and oak forests. The huge Telandi meadows are worth watching they transform into flawless snow paddies that enlighten the trek beauty.

Right after this comes the Brahmatal lake. It is a stunning piece of nature on Earth. The peaks of Nanda Ghunti, Trishul and others of clearly seen in the distant sky. Imagine the thrill of camping right near the Brahmatal lake? Well, you will really have a tent setup near the water body. Well the summit is still not here yet.

Next day marks the summit day when you move from the Brahmatal lake to the Brahmatal pass. The pass is the highest point on the hike. You might have never expected the panoramic sight from the pass with Mana, Chaukhambha, Neelkanth, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti and many other high peaks right in front of you. After spending some wonderful moments on the chilly zenith, you will be returning down. Your camping place will be Tilbudi campsite the one you crossed while going upwards.

The return journey will be retraching steps back to Lohajung and then to Kathgodam. As you see Brahmatal is a unique adventure with lifetime memories.

2) Kedarnatha Trek-Cuddled at 3810 meters or 12,500 feet Kedarkantha trek is an ideal trekking trail which is the most popular Winter trek. Considered as easy trek that takes one into the world of the snowy mountains. With alluring white crowned peaks,the verdant valley, blue-white landscapes, dense flora and frozen lakes the hike has every marvel. Apart from trekkers the trail is highly recommended for a wonderful journey into the wilderness.

The wonderful Kedarkantha peak hike starts from Dehradun. Here to Sankri at 6000 feet, is a long drive to the remotest habitats. You will start walking from Sankri and gradually move up to Juda Ka Talab. This is a alpine lake that is frozen most of the times. Camping beside this stunning water body is an extra ordinary experience. The mighty lake is at 9000 feet and the real adventure begins from here.The lake is the beginning point of immense deep snow fields.

The next big destination after this is the base of Kedarkantha peak which comes after crossing big meadows and dense forests. The hike to the summit is considered tiring and long and hard. So, you must be prepared physically for the arduous climb. The summit climb begins at midnight around 3 am. This trek will give you the feel of what final attempts in mountaineering look like. Once you arrive at the head the views are mindblowing. Every moment of pain just drains away standing on the top.

For the first time on the trek you will find yourself surrounded by tall snow-covered peaks. At the top there are Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh temples that add spiritual element to your victory.

Located at 12,000 feet elevation, Kedarkantha peak trek is one of the accessible climbs in winter. It is a perfect getaway for the cold season. Due to its rising popularity it receives thousands of visitors in peak winters. Despite that it never loses its beauty.

3) Chadar Trek
Do you know which one is India's most popular trek? Nestled between the barren land of the Ladakh flows gushing blue river called Zanskar. Its surface stands still in extreme winters when the temperatures fall below zero degrees. That is how the Chadar is formed which then becomes a pathway for us to walk upon. A trail that is so unpredictable that it may vanish in microseconds leaving you in the deadly freezing waters flowing below.

Such is the thrill of the Chadar trek. Not only is the frozen river an attraction the frozen waterfall Nerak is another stunning sight. It shows how fascinating our Mother Earth is. Each day on the Chadar trek is a challenge dealing with survival in the wild mountains. The minus weather is like pricking cold which stops every movement of the body. Tonnes of energy goes in just tiny motions. All of this pain is clubbed with infinite memories of wilderness. No other trek is as satisfying as this winter gem. Nothing can beat the severity followed by the fun of the Himalayas.

The trek begins from Leh the capital city. After two days of acclimatization stay in the city, you trudge towards the uncertainty of the river trek. After 3-4 days of stepping on the river surface, you reach the highest and coldest point, Nerak village of the trek. Before this place, you will be crossing frozen waterfalls at Tibb Cave. There will stunning rock patterns that gleam in the sun rays. Retracing steps back to the starting point will be another task. This happens because the route changes every minute. So be careful. Proper insulated clothing for -35 degrees and good stamina is expected from you. The trek happens in January to February every year.

So, if you think you are ready for the biggest adventure of the season, then Chadar it is. Chadar trek - the frozen river escapade.
Dayara Bugyal trek
Have you ever been to a trek where the summit peaks are seen right from the start? Well, Dayara Bugyal is such a rare trek. The stunning peaks of Shrikanth, Bandarpoonch and the entire Uttarakhand range is visible right from the Natin base village. Popularly known as the meadows trek, Dayara Bugyal is trekkers treat. A hike that offers tonnes of happiness with less level of strain. The winter views of the hike are completely unimaginable with the vast grasslands transformed into shiny snow fields. It is literally a never-ending track on the snow land with white peaks all around.

A kids-friendly and family trek, Dayara Bugyal has risen to popularity in less time. Due to the administrative law of camping on the Bugyals, there have been tremendous changes in the route of the trek, but the hike did not lose its charm. With camping in the forests, there is protection from winds and it reduces chances of AMS.

The hike from Natin to Gui is a moderate walk through forests. The forests then open as you go higher from Chelapada campsite. The summit day is a wonderful walk the forests clear out. The huge snowfields suddenly rise to view. As you walk up to the head you can find the tall Shrikanth, Bandarpoonch, Black Peak and Gangotri peaks growing bigger and closer. The entire sights are totally different if you visit Dayara in the summer or autumn months. That is how different and unique mountains are.

The trek begins from Dehradun. From Dehradun, the pickup vehicle will directly take you to the base village. It is suggested to carry all the necessary essentials and be prepared for the cold temperatures at night. Camping in the freezing weather is an experience of a lifetime. It truly tests us and makes you stronger.

At 12,000 feet Dayara Bugyal is a trek that must never be missed. Be it with friends or family, it definitely is worth enjoying. So, this winter come and walk on the biggest meadows, Dayara.

4)Chopta Chandrashila Trek
Coupled with the pilgrim tour to Tungnath temple, Chopta Chandrashila perfect blend of devotion and adventure. Starting from Sari the summit Chandrashila top is clearly visible. It motivates us at every step to walk closer to it.

The entire trail is well paved with cement steps or muddy pathway. The stunning lake of Deoriatal is a local tourist spot and every trekker's dreamland. The lake is a perfect photography spot as the Chaukhamba peak gets reflected on its surface. The waterbody enhances the beauty of the location.

From Deoriatal the trek gets length but and easy walk. The entire trail is covered under Rhododendrons trees. Instead of pink-red flowers, the forests are covered with white snow carpet. Tungnath is the world famous and the highest linga in India. Therefore it is extremely popular among tourists. If you may not be aware Chopta camping place is directly accessible through roads. Being a pilgrim spot there is excellent road connectivity. From Chopta there are stairs up to Tungnath temple. These steps into heaven are covered with snow layers. Watch your step at every point. The white decored temple forms an exceptional scenery.

The trail from Tungnath to the Chandrashila top is covered with knee-deep snow that adds the thrill part. However, the strain is nothing in front of the views from the head. The entire Garwhal Himalayas are standing at distant. It is like watching the ocean of mountains from an island.

Considered as easy to moderate grade, this trek is always suggested to be the first trek for beginners to get an experience of hiking in the Himalayas. The trek is only 3 days and is spectacular in cold Winters. The trek is an all-rounder trek, that is open throughout the year except for monsoon season

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is a perfect stop for varying adventure interests. This winter take the opportunity to hike through the snowy and adventurous pathway to spirituality
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