With the colder months in hot pursuit, it's time to break out our puffy coats and don our thick, fuzzy scarves. It may be tempting to just forgo fashion altogether when you grumble out of bed in the morning and bundle up in your wooly layers, but there are plenty of winter staple tops that can keep you looking good and feeling warm all winter long.

The Chunky Sweater
It's Father Christmas' answer to the boyfriend tee. A thick wool or cable knit sweater that's oversized isn't just ultra-cozy; it's also a great statement piece that looks chic and effortless when paired with toasty leggings or your beloved skinny jeans.

Check out the collections at Urban Outfitters for sweaters that are bold, comfy and office-appropriate.

The Everyday Cardigan
One of the best parts of winter is that people outfit-repeat constantly and it's okay. In fact, with a versatile cardigan, you can make every outfit a bit warmer and no one will mind.

We recommend nabbing a few in several colors so you can mix and match throughout the holiday season and dress them up or down. Varying lengths, weights and fabrics make cardigan shopping as involved of a process as picking out a new car, but the dressing room joyrides are half the fun.

Most stores have affordable cardigans every season. However, if you want something that's handmade and really has that cozy feel, check out the caboodle of cardigans on Etsy.

The Turtleneck
These may induce scratchy childhood flashbacks, but give them a try. Turtlenecks are actually fantastic winter tops that can be thick or tight-fitted and work for a grocery run or dinner date.

You'll always look ski lodge fabulous when you don one of these bad boys. Our favorites include the ones found at Macy’s.

The Flannel
Gold ole' reliable. A festive flannel top can be all a girl needs to make it through a winter storm. There are so many different cuts and color options when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Whether you want a blouse that goes great with high-wasted jeans or something billowy to wear over leggings with boots, the choices at stores like Simple Addiction are bound to have the perfect flannel to get you through this winter in blazing style.

We especially love their Blocking Bliss Top and Breathless Block Top!

Finding the Best Frosty Fashion
With these winter must-haves, you won't have to worry about choosing between looking good and staying warm. Stick to the cardinal rules of comfort, fit and material when shopping for new additions to your winter wardrobe.

When you find a piece that follows all three, you'll be able to rest assured that the coldest season of the year isn't an excuse to be any less stylish.

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