Now make cold houses hot - without spending electricity Bhopal. Does your house stay cold during the winter season or do you feel a constant cold at home? If yes, it can be very harmful to your loved ones.

In such a situation it is necessary to keep the house warm. But many times our electricity bill increases due to the heat of keeping the house warm. Although we keep ourselves warm by wearing body warmers and warm clothes, but to reduce the temperature inside the house, we have to resort to home appliances such as 'room heaters', but do you know whether a room heater or Apart from the blower, there are many ways, due to which you can keep the warmth of your home.

Actually our climate change now the winter season has started, this year in 2019, winter definitely came late. today I am telling you about how to keep your house warm in winter. According to experts, in the winter season you change everything from clothes to food, then how can you stay behind in decorations. In this weather, by giving your house a hot look, that is, by keeping it warm, you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. After the rain, the fog took the city in its wake ... After the rain, the fog took the city in its wake.

Ceiling will not bring cold

The sealing room is the part of the house that is cold first, so if a thermocouple is applied while sealing for the purpose of heating it, it is beneficial in the cold.

Take care of the floor like this ...

In winter, the floors of the house also become very cold, on which no one likes to walk barefoot. Do not walk on the cold floor, lay colorful, beautiful carpet or carpet on the floor, which will not only keep your feet warm but will also enhance the beauty of the house. Apart from this, you can choose a stylish, colorful carpet according to the color of the walls of the room. Bright and comfortable, winter is the best season to use spongy textiles. Use a cushion of wool, fox fur or velvet.

- Do this work while cooking -When you cook in the kitchen, it produces heat. That can heat your home. For this, you open the kitchen window that opens inside the house. This will keep your house warm.

- Handle the cold with candles ... If you wish, you can keep the warmth in the house by burning many candles. Candles will make you feel warm as well as romantic, and in the evening the home look will also be very royal and stylish.

- Use thick curtains Thick screen should be used in the winter season as it prevents cold air from entering. The bright color of the house's wall will also make the house warmer and it will also give a new look to the house. If you wish, you can also try a light and dark color combination on the walls. Where you can open the curtains when the sun comes in the day, then after the evening, drop the curtains of the house, it will keep the warmth of the house and the house will not get cold if there is cold outside. Keep the bed in such a way that you can keep a bag of warm water under the mattress before sleeping at night. You will get warmth while sleeping.

- Terracotta Pot: Terracotta Pot can be used as a heater. Burn coal or wood in it. The house will be warm. This is a good option for the heater. Take care of the rooms as well, if you have many rooms in your house but you are sleeping in one room then close the doors of the other rooms. This will not spread the heat inside other rooms and will keep your room warm..

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