All of us can benefit from tips that will create successful outcomes to any negotiation whether it's with our boss, spouse, or prospective business partner. Here are some sure winners for your next negotiation.

Whether you realize it or not, we’re negotiating all the time with our spouses, our friends, at work and even at play. Negotiation is a skill like any other. You’re not born with it but it can be learned. Proficiency grows with practice. Here are some tips that will have you negotiating successfully every time.

Know What You Want
Before you enter into a negotiation, know what you’d like to get out of it. Is it a higher salary, more flexibility or more opportunity at your job? Is it the need to use more of your talents at work or choose where you and your spouse and family vacation?

Clarify what your intentions are first. What outcomes are you seeking? Write them down so there’s no confusion when you’re in the heat of discussion. Consider what’s negotiable and nonnegotiable. With more clarity, your emotions are less likely to get tossed around. You’ll feel more comfortable and act more self assured.

Be Prepared:
It’s not enough to know what you‘d like to get out of a business deal or salary discussion. Come armed with facts and information. They’re powerful and show you’re on top of what you need to know. Take the time to do your homework thoroughly. Negotiation is a process of decision making and relies on strong information and discussion.

The more facts and figures you have, the more informed you are to negotiate effectively. If you’re wooing clients, research their company. Become familiar with what they need and with their culture and values if possible. A prepared list of your strengths, accomplishments and clients you’ve helped can seal the deal. Don’t think it’s bragging. You’re demonstrating your value to them. They have to recognize your worth if they’re going to give you their business.

Exude Confidence
Be determined and optimistic about the outcome of the negotiation. Your attitude reveals a lot about you and about how you feel about the negotiation. Hold your ground, yet be polite about what you can and cannot do. Maintain honesty and credibility. A successful negotiation isn’t won by deceit or by misleading another.

To get what you want, be persuasive. Your arguments need to be compelling. You won’t win if you don’t sound convincing. If you flounder, remember why you’re negotiating in the first place. What is it you want to achieve? Know what that is. Go after it with a strong backbone and a convincing strategy.

Your attitude is a clue to what you’ll get out of the negotiation. Be clear that the best kind of negotiation is when everyone wins. Aim for a resolution that does just that. Your intention is to insure that all involved in the negotiations feel satisfied. That’s not always possible; however, it’s important to keep this as a goal.

Negotiation is also about compromise, especially if the relationship is one that’s ongoing such as with your spouse or boss. Be sensitive to the other person’s needs as well as your own. Practice flexibility. The point of any negotiation is to reach a mutual agreement to move forward. Compromise isn’t caving in on what you most value, nor is it about winning at any cost. Know what you’re willing to concede and know what your bottom line is.

Separate the Deal from the Person
Attacking your opponent or boss is not an option. There will always be differences and often opposing personalities present. Don’t let that rattle you. Instead, use it to your advantage. Depersonalize whatever challenge is present.

Consider what the other person’s interests and needs are as well as your own. This will help you bargain more collaboratively and open the doors to a successful outcome for all. Success is gained more with positive rapport and mutual trust than with arrows. Be clear in your communications and listen well.

The best negotiations consider the shared interests of all and create ways to make everyone emerge a winner.

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