I’ve been listening to the news on the radio a lot more the past few weeks. I, like many of you have been following the debate over this Health Care Reform Bill. I’ve listened to both “conservative” radio and NPR. I find the disparity between the interpretations of “facts” fascinating.

I have also listened to numerous people passionately, vociferously, registering their opinions. One such lady had worked herself into such fervor that she admitted she hadn’t slept in three days!

Why? Has she in any way, created anything productive from this emotional episode?

What I have re-affirmed, is that even though we are a republic, we have very little control, save one action, over what our representatives do.

We must resign ourselves that as average citizens the only power we really yield…(or need to) is our sacred right and obligation to vote. We also need to realize the only power we have or need in our experience of our life, is the power to control our emotions and perceptions of the circumstances we are presented with from day to day.

In politics, in business and in life there are things we cannot control, influence, manipulate or coerce.

Winners have realized that to spend time losing sleep over these things is destructive and at best, simply self –indulgent.

Tying our emotions so closely to the actions of others is a dangerous and sad state of being.

The most peaceful (and successful) people I know asses each set of circumstances, by first accepting what IS. They tailor their actions/reactions as individuals to best deal with the obstacles,hindrances or opportunities before them.

They preserve their positive energy and well being, by ACCEPTING the things they cannot change. Then channel that energy into the things they CAN change.

To whine, cry and lose three nights of sleep over legislation, a natural disaster, a layoff or loss of work due to the depression, or worse the Kansas and Georgetown losses (that messed up your men’s NCAA tournament bracket)…well, that’s just like taking yourself out of the tournament in the first round.

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Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. James J. Maioho is Principal of the MadKo Group and highly sought mentor, coach and strategist. Each of us can become the best possible versions of ourselves. http://winnersgiveup.blogspot.com