Winners are not always the strongest, smartest, most beautiful, or most talented. They do not always go to the best schools, live in the best neighborhoods, nor born to successful parents. All Winners have one thing in common: Winners believe in their heart they can win. They believe in their ability, passion, and potential. Winners believe in their dreams and visualize winning in their mind and soul. They believe life is not a written script and know their present situation is not their ultimate destination. Winners are unwilling to let circumstances or bad situations trap them from their goal. They do not listen to those who doubt, shy away from those who fear, and run from those who have no confidence. Winners listen to a voice deep inside that says, “You can win!”

Winners know there are tremendous challenges awaiting them on the road to success. They see a road less traveled and littered with roadblocks, detours, and delays. Winners realize success is not immediate because they are not ready. Being a diamond in the rough with the will to win, winners accept the challenge and prepare. They create a plan to achieve it and adopt a mindset to make it happen. Winners study, learn, practice, and participate. They try, fail, and try again; fall, get up, and keep going, never losing sight of their objective. Winners are willing to climb the mountain of doubt, wade the waters of despair, and ride the rapids of hopelessness to stand on that peak called victory. They see each obstacle as a learning experience, making them better, smarter, stronger and enabling them to transform their dreams into reality.

Winners are not born, WINNERS BELIEVE! WINNERS BELIEVE in their HEART they have what it takes to achieve their goal. WINNERS BELIEVE they can put forth the effort to make it happen. WINNERS BELIEVE commitment, performance, persistence, and perseverance are the tools needed to build the bridge to their dreams. Even when the road seems long and hard with no end in sight, WINNERS BELIEVE they can weather the storm and enjoy the Sunshine of Success. WINNERS BELIEVE!

© William McElrath

Author's Bio: 

William McElrath is an author, poet, contributing writer and motivational speaker.