The phone rings, someone on the other line answers it, now what? Someone has finally stop to listen and you only got less than thirty seconds to explain who you are, what you are offering and why the person on the other line needs to listen to you.

In this fast- paced business environment that we have today and with the continuous declining of people’s attention span, having a telemarketing campaign is indeed a risky marketing process to deal with. As a telemarketer, you are like a blind man trying to sell a black cat at midnight. You can’t see your customers and neither do they see you and your products and or services.

So, how do you find or make lines that work best for you to offer your product or service in such a small amount of time?  Here’s how to keep the ball rolling:

Magic words are the sweetest sounds in the decision makers’ ears.

Name names - everybody is most likely to feel an instant connection with people who call them directly by their name; so don’t just pick up the phone and say “hello there;” try starting and ending a call by saying the name of the person on the other line.

Be polite - keep your manners intact, every time, all the time; make it more than just a habit, rather, make it a practice and will serve as your foundation in selling. Words like “please” and “thank you” are your best buddies in generating sales leads.

The Greeting
“You had me at hello”- it’s the biggest moment. Your voice is modulated. You have your goals settled. You know your product well. You know whom to call. You dialed the number and the phone rings. The decision maker answers it. Silence prevailed. Cat got your tongue?

In sales, a warm and delightful “hello” is a plus point for you. You must keep feeding the fire and exude that excitement and energy in your tone because it will surely reflect on your voice; thus, possibly transforming those elements to the decision maker’s attitude towards you. The result? a definite good start to jump-off with business.

The Introduction
Getting through your “essential message”- after the greeting and the introduction of your name and your company, your next step is to communicate the “essential message” about your product that in a way, that will make the decision maker wanting to hear more about it.

The “essential message” is a short statement that describes what your product is and its benefits and assets to your prospective sales lead, delivered in fifteen minutes or less. It should be a statement that will give an impact to the buyer and will make him remember when he forgets everything else in your script. Stop fussing around with other non-sense statements. Go directly to your point. Deliver that “essential message.” After all, it’s only the message that matters.

The Script - hit the highlights! Repeat your name and your company’s name. Ask permission to continue. Request for immediate reaction. You are asking not to solicit any final decision regarding your offer, but you are asking to get all the cards out of the table as much as possible.

A minute of Overview
Pitch transitional questions- your call doesn’t end with you presenting what your product is all about and bugging the decision maker to purchase the latter. Turn right. It is the best way to keep the conversation going. Ask rhetorical questions to further understand the buyer’s needs; you are there to listen and to figure out his necessities, not to manipulate him.

By now, you’ve greeted the decision maker, introduced your self and your product, delivered the “essential message,” and ended with transitional questions; the verdict now comes down to the decision maker. If it’s a big “yes” then great job! But if it’s a dispiriting “no,” then try again; if you keep calling, you will always end up generating qualified sales leads. 

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