The windshield is an important part of the car. This way you can not only see through this when you are driving, but it also contributes to the robustness of the car's chassis. It is therefore very important that the windscreen of your car is in good condition.

That is why there are a lot of providers for repairing windshield damage. There have already been several TV programs and newspaper articles about the bizarre prices charged in the car window damage.

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At Aero Auto Glass, a fixed rate is charged for mounting the windscreen plus purchasing the windscreen.

Replacing the windshield is specialist work. Our engineers have years of experience and the right tools to disassemble your broken windshield and install the new windshield using the latest techniques.

We have represented the six most important steps in the form of photos to give an idea of ​​the replacement.

At Aero Auto Glass, we only replace cheap windshields, no weird frills or sky-high prices. The costs for replacing the windshield are low including VAT for the assembly and on top of that the purchase of the windshield.

You could get $200 cashback offer on windshield replacement

In most cases, new windscreens are used when replacing the windshield. In some cases, a used windscreen is chosen, with the misunderstanding that it would be cheaper and just as safe.

The slightest damage to a used windscreen can cause the car window to tear through, so you have a new windscreen with other damage and you are not helped. At Aero Auto Glass, we opt for safety and quality at competitive prices.

Are you looking for a new windscreen? Aero Auto Glass offers cheap windshield replacement with $200 cashback for the purchase of the windshield. So a new window in your car professionally assembled from cashback money.

Car window damage is very annoying in itself. Certainly if the damage is so great that the windscreen must be replaced.

Also, it can often cost a lot of money if you are not insured for car damage. The price difference at different companies is very large.

For example, at one company you spend $500 to have the windscreen of your Audi replaced, while Aero Auto Glass charges around $400 for the windscreen replacement.

The price you pay depends on the year of manufacture and type of Audi plus the options of the window. For example, a windshield with rain sensor (automatic windscreen wipers) or UV coating (Purple glow) is often more expensive than a green tinted windshield.

At Aero Auto Glass, we only install new windscreens on location or in the workshop at a competitive rate with a guarantee.

The assembly is carried out by well-trained technicians with years of experience.

The prices shown in the table below are based on the most favorably priced windshield at our supplier.

Windscreens with the lowest purchase price are often the most common windscreens and most likely also apply to your situation.

Aero Auto Glass is active throughout the Mesa, AZ. An attempt is made to schedule as much of the work as possible based on the location where the applications come from.

By bundling car window replacements we can keep our costs as low as possible and guarantee cheap car window replacements.

Our priority is to get you safely back on track as quickly as possible at the right price, so we do everything we can to organize the planning in such a way that there is an ideal situation for all parties.

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