Today the vast reach and popularity of internet has forced most of the businessman to use it as a strong medium for promotion and increasing the sale of their products and services globally. Since windows is the most popular OS in the world, and has captured more than half of the world's market, Windows Hosting is widely in demand. Such type of web service is compatible on both dedicated servers as well as shared hosting.

The user-friendly nature and simple working of Windows has made hosting highly cost effective, reliable, worthy and feature rich. Sites that are created using different Microsoft applications and scripts can only be hosted on Windows servers. The corporate hosting for small and medium enterprises is ideally done on shared web servers whereas for large organizations dedicated servers will be the best. The streamlined working of MS system allows SQL, ASP and other similar scripts to run easily on dedicated and shared web hosting services.

A professional, eye-catching web site can effectively increase the sales and services of organization. Any growing company would like to get a state of the art website to promote its business in the best possible manner, but at the most reasonable price. And since Microsoft provides the best and simple developing platform, the site designed using MS specific resources are highly customized and attractive.

In order to be on web, one needs to host the site either using dedicated server or shared web server. But as compare to dedicated web hosting, shared one is economical and a good choice for firms having limited budget to spend on hosting their business site. Shared hosting done on windows platform stands for a web-hosting service in which one server is inhabited by many websites. Connected to the Internet, the web server is divided into different parts. Each part or section is occupied by one website so that it is separated from the other websites. The maintenance of the web server is shared by many users or website owners; therefore a system administration is a must requirement for proper maintenance.

The advanced web based control panel system like Plesk, cPanel, Interworx, DirecAdmin and H-sphere are used for Windows Shared Hosting. There are many companies round the globe engaged in web services with different hosting packages.

They offer a complete plan that includes:

• Installing server on Windows OS
• Managing servers
• Regular security updates
• 24 *7 Technical support

On the whole the advantages of Windows Shared Hosting are that it is very cost effective and highly reliable. These email server are provided with sufficient resources to meet the requirements of professional websites that get restricted within a given time period. Because of the scalable feature the required amount of space on these web hosting servers can be increased in accordance with the requirements of the users.

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