The covid-19 pandemic has taught us one thing which was needed badly in the pre-corona dynamic world moving rapidly under demand & supply forces. This is the realization of difference between real and artificial demands of the individual for a contended & happy living. The distinction of cosmetic and actual, tasty and nutritious food, safe home and unsafe space outside, essential and non-essential movement have been highlighted to everyone in all types of environments. The illusion of madness created by neuron marketing algorithms is broken.

Few years back, google map has taught us to handle crowded road space by finding alternate ways to reach fast at the same destination cutting the delays. Now covid-19 is teaching us ways to do the business with limited movements and resources with same result.

The new normal is the restricted, well thought movements outside the safe home/office complex for business. What will happen to the huge infrastructure that has been created on borrowed funds in hope of future traffic/ movements? perhaps a lot of business houses will go bankrupt. Will the economy survive or we will go back to square one?

The mankind has been evolving from ages and faced many pandemics. Let us hope that new business model will emerge with better resources utilization techniques and clear-cut business movements after in-depth analysis. In the coming days, simplicity will prevail, not complexity, commonsense and innovation will prevail over artificial business moves created by rotten, redundant and outdated intelligence system.

Does that mean that the world will become a better place to live and life of all the survivors of this pandemic will become heaven on earth?

The answer is a puzzling Yes & No. ‘Yes’ for only those lucky people who will utilize this window of opportunity to realize the lessons learnt by the pandemic to amend their thought process and life style. The lives of most of us will not change much as we are the slaves of our evil habits. Most of us will forget everything after the danger is over and start living life as before.

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Deepak Dixit is an engineering graduate from IIT,Roorkee,India (eartswhile University of Roorkee). He has served for more than 22 years in 'Indian Army' as an officer and has taken a pre mature retirement after that.
He has also served in corporate world for about 5 years. Presently he is focusing on writing.
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