Communication is the greatest factor when it comes to getting back with a past lover. It is not only giving a chance to stay updated about each other’s life, but also serves as a window of opportunity for a future reunion. There is nothing wrong of still keeping in touch with your ex girlfriend especially if the cause of breakup is not too sensitive. Breaking up may simply mean a pause to a relationship and a period of settling your inner conflicts.

If you do communicate with your ex girlfriend and have plans of getting back together, make sure you do it right. Communicate with her appropriately to get her back. Here are 3 best ways to get your girlfriend back:

1. Be the guy she fell in love with.

The reason of the breakup may be due to some changes in your attitude. You might have been different and she was just missing the person in you whom she fell in love with. So think of how you treated her before and what makes her happy. It is a compromise you have to make if you really want to get back with her. Show her how much you have changed over the break up.

2. Let her know you she is on your mind.

Women love thoughtful guys. Most especially if you are really vocal about how you really feel. Letting her know how much you love her is the top method to get her back. Tell her how much you have missed her and the times you usually spend with her. They are vulnerable if you also show you are vulnerable without them. This will make her feel important and will make her realize you appreciate the love and relationship you have had with her. All it takes is to let her know about how you feel and be with her forever.

3. Make the past to your advantage.

You have the advantage over other guys because you are the ex lover. You have been a part of her life regardless of the problems you have had together. There will always be good memories and you can use these good times as a key to winning her back. Try to recall your memories together and it will make her think how you were able to keep and remember these tiny details. It will make her feel even more important and will give her an idea that you want these things to happen again for the both of you.

These three are just some of the ways to get your girlfriend back in your arms. There are other methods you should use if you want to be with her again.

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