Most people say that once a person breaks up with you, you should move on and let go of the feelings you have for her. But what if you can’t seem to forget about her? What if you believe she is the right one for you? Then don’t waste your time wondering what could have been and start thinking of ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

Bringing back your past relationship with your ex is easy but you should not be too confident or too comfortable. You should exert effort for her to realize that she let go of something good. The following techniques are as follows:

Take away all negative emotions

Like any other breakup, hurt and anger are the initial emotions that you feel for your ex. These feelings are normal but it does not mean you have to hold on to these negative feelings. It will only make you a bitter and miserable person and your ex may not want you for that. So instead of locking your self up and feeling bad about your self, try to divert these emotions into writing or into physical activities. In this way, you do not keep all the pain and anger inside you. You let it go so you can be whole and happy again.

Be grateful

You may have lost a relationship but try to be thankful for the other things that you still have. You think about your family that loves you, friends that support you, the job that sustains you, and most of all God who wishes nothing but the best for you. By having these positive thoughts in your head, it will radiate through your actions and people will get to notice it even your ex girlfriend.

Focus on yourself

Do not waste your time begging and chasing after your ex girlfriend. It will just drive her away even more . Instead, concentrate on the things that you consider your best asset that she will most likely get attracted to. This can help get your ex girlfriend back. If you have not been so conscious about your looks or the way you dress up during your relationship, try to work on that. It will help bring out the confidence in you and your ex girlfriend will realize that once she sees you.

Start dating again

Losing a relationship simply means being open to new ones. You can begin by spending time with your friends to make up for the time you missed to spend with them. It is through social gatherings that you can meet new acquaintances and even probable girlfriend. It is also one effective way of making your ex jealous and eventually have her running back to you.

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