In 2003 Sandra started thinking it was time for her to leave her long-time corporate career and go out on her own.

She diligently used her willpower and spent many evenings putting together a Plan of Action, building lists of products to create, and making lists of things to include on her website.

So she worked, and she worked, and she worked to bring her dream to life... and suddenly it was 2011 and she was still in her corporate job, still aching to be out on her own.

She told me she felt like she was "showing up" and doing business building activities, but she also admitted that she had something inside her that she allowed to block her success.

Sandra told me that she had tried all sorts of things to stay motivated to achieve success, but found herself in an ever-repeating cycle that started out with self motivation, followed by lots of work, followed by challenges and problems, followed by feeling of defeat and failure.

Does any of this resonate with YOU?

Most of us have something that we work on, and work on, and work on, but never allow ourselves to actually achieve.

Whether you are working on building a business, improving your health, increasing your income, or developing strong relationships, quite often we start out full of excitement, motivation and energy, only to repeat a pattern of self sabotage that keeps us AWAY from the success we seek.

Do you make promises to yourself that sound something like this: "This time it will be different. This time I'll work even harder. This time I'll make it!" And you summon up every ounce of your willpower and you start the cycle of self sabotage all over again.

If it was just willpower that was needed, many more people would be successful. Willpower is like an elastic band, the more you force and stretch it, the tighter it gets and the harder it is to hold, until you no longer have the energy to keep it stretched and you let it snap back to its original shape.

Most causes of failure and relapse have more to do with your internal beliefs, many of which you are not even consciously aware of. You see, science has shown that we have 6 areas of the brain, 5 of which are in your subconscious. So if the one-sixth portion of your brain (your conscious mind) wants to change, and the remaining five-sixth of your brain (your subconscious mind) is filled with beliefs that don't want you to change... Well... guess which one is going to win! The stronger subconscious mind of course!
This is why it is vital for you to do the work to uncover those inner beliefs that are no longer effective in helping you to get what you want. Once you uncover the old beliefs you can change them into healthier, more effective beliefs that will easily and naturally support your efforts to be successful.

In my first conversation with Sandra she told me about the many, many things she had tried over the years in her efforts to put herself into alignment with achieving success, but sadly, none had really made much of a difference. And the next thing she told me was the most important part of our entire conversation. She said, "and I am ready now to do the work to break free from my inner self-imposed barriers!"

Is it time for you?
Have you run out of "willpower"?
Are you ready to break free?

Treat yourself to a better tomorrow. Break free from your self-imposed barriers today and live the happy, successful life you deserve!

Author's Bio: 

Troyann Williams is a Breakthrough Coach for the Break Free University, and specializes in helping people break free from self sabotage behaviors and barriers. Please visit ==>> for Free Guides on Recognizing and Breaking Free from Self Sabotage.