As people age, the thought of exactly how long they will live certainly crosses their mind. That aged old question of 'Will You Live To Be 100?' will definitely float in one's mind.

In this day and age, it is certainly possible for someone to live to be 100. It is more commonplace today than ever before. There are certain keys for someone to be able to live to see the age of 100. The following is a small look into how someone in today's world can have the ability to live to be 100 years old.

The life expectancy for a human being that is born today is 79. This is certainly a huge increase over the past 100 to 200 years. 20th century life and living is certainly the biggest factor that life expectancy numbers have risen.

Better healthcare and living conditions are two of the main reasons that life expectancy has risen. Work and life balance also plays a huge factor. If someone is immersed in their work life all of the time then their quality of life decreases. If they are able to balance work and play then there is less stress which means chances of a longer life.

Having close relationships is another factor that can help someone live a longer life. The sense of love and belonging has long been known to relieve stress.

Then there is the most obvious factor of living a long life. A person who constantly smokes and drinks alcohol will have a less chance of living a long life as compared to someone who abstains from these vices.

Regular exercise, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and living a balanced life go a long way in allowing a person to see the age of 100. The key is implementing these thing into one's life at an early age and making it a habit of following them over the course of a lifetime.

Infographic Source: CashNetUSA

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