Peace in our lives and our world is very important to all of us. Many of us were born after World War II so we do not fully understand how it affects us to be constantly threatened, always on the alert for something strange in our surroundings or whether our children will be safe. This uncertainty plus the election cycle we just finished has left many of us fatigued, overly stressed and just plain worn out.

Peace within is the only place to begin to overcome the post 911 terrorism and election uncertainties. Here, you have to add to that list, hurricanes. A lot of us are still picking up those pieces. We do not completely realize just how much strain all of these events create in our lives. It is very hard to have hope and joy in your life when there is no peace. It takes all three to create balance.

Since it is peace that has been depleted, it is important that we do everything we can to re-energize it. Peace can be described as a “knowingness that all is well” even if it does not seem so in the outside world. The more we worry and focus on the lack of peace, the more stressful and disconcerting it becomes. Simply put, the more you focus on the unrest outside the more you reduce your peace within. When you use personal energy to focus on “x”, the greater “x” becomes. If “x” is negative energy like terrorism then you increase negative energy in your life and deplete your positive energy of peace.

Using a few simple Feng Shui tools, you can change your focus and re-energize yourself. When you find more peace within, you will rekindle the flames of joy and hope giving you back that much desired balance. The place to begin is in your home. Create a very peaceful atmosphere in your entire home so that anytime you enter it or spend an entire day there you feel completely at peace. To create that peaceful atmosphere throughout start by making sure that the first things you see in each room are things you really love. These items include furniture, artwork, home décor accessories and accent pieces like pillows and candles. For the time being put away anything that does not fit this description. You can decide later if you wish to bring them back out. Just this simple change will create a very peaceful atmosphere in your home. Things you love provide you positive and peaceful energy.

While in your home, listen to only peaceful music and watch only uplifting, humorous or educational entertainment on television. Put away for awhile music that is overly invigorating or creates aggressive or negative energy. You can always play those later if you wish. Restrict yourself to only one hour of news per day if that creates additional stress. News on television is very “in your face” and almost always negative. Read the newspaper instead, including the comic section or weekly news magazines. If you are in your car, listen to upbeat radio stations. If you are particularly stressed and not at peace, do not listen to your favorite talk shows if all they talk about is how negative everything in the world is. You can always tune them in later.

At day’s end, take a hot bath or shower at least one half hour before bedtime so you can forget the world and the happenings of the day. Light a candle in a safe container in your bathroom while doing this to add to that quiet peaceful ambiance. Following your relaxing shower or bath, blow out the candle and play some quiet music in your bedroom so you can drift off to sleep. This process will allow your mind to relax and become peaceful. You have now set the stage for sound sleep and the re-energizing of peace within.

There are many ways of using positive energy to bring about peace in your world. The above suggestions work really well and do not cost you a dime. As you re-energize the peace within you will be amazed at how quickly you will notice joy and hope return. We are all born with joy, hope and peace. But, as we grow older and are influenced by outside events, we often forget how to nourish joy, hope and peace so they can help us deal with uncertainty and negative energy events in our lives.

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Pat Heydlauff, CEO of Energy By Design, draws her knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and personal issues. She experienced and overcame many challenges such as job elimination, illnesses, loss of sight in one eye and care-taking. Pat was divinely guided to balance her world through her artistic expression, painting. This put her in a state of prayer and meditation which lead her to create the art book, “The Way We Go” Your Roadmap to a Better Future. She is also the author of published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, 21 Ways to Increase... Employee Engagement and published books. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or