As some of you may know there are so many new gadgets coming out everyday that say they can trim your abs down in no time! I would say a lot of them do not and will not work for everybody. The flex belt is no different! Don't get me wrong this product is a good product and it will work for most people but to say that everybody and anybody can use these types of products and see the same results as the next person is absurd. If you have ever watched an infomercial they only show you the best of the best reviews. That's why when you are searching for reviews on the web you need to dig down through all the bs and find what your really looking for. OK OK OK i will get back to the point, you want to know if the flex belt will work for you? Well lets find out!!

First of all the flex belt is a great product and can be very useful for the right people under the right circumstances. Know first of all if you have a high body fat percentage i really don;t think this belt will work for you at the moment. It more designed to shred the last remaining couple of pounds of fat around the stomach. If you are just starting a work out i would recommend that you start out eating well and doing a lot of cardio. As you start to lose weight you can switch over to the flex belt at that point. If you are way to busy to keep up with a consistent work out schedule than this belt is most definitely for you. Do you work at a computer desk all day? well than perfect you can put this belt on and sit behind you desk and do an ab work out all day!! And be getting paid for it, how good is that?!! Really though this belt is geard towards anyone that is somewhat on there way to having a flatter stomach already and really has no time for work outs. The flex belt can be used anywhere under your clothes and know one will know you have it on! It an amazing product in that sense. So the next time your thinking about doing an ab workout just remember that you could be doing it will grocery shopping, driving to work, taking the kids to school, or even WHILE AT WORK!!

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