I don’t see a life without our beloved blenders. We use them to make frothy milkshakes, salad dressings, green smoothies and pureed soups and hence it’s the best device to go for when looking for a good application for pureeing, emulsifying, whipping, mixing and liquefying. However, using a blender the right way to make sure the output is nice and as expected needs some knowledge. In this brief, we will talk about some dos and don’ts of a blender. There is so much to do to keep them in their best condition. You can read more here.

The tips shared here will ensure the longevity of your blender and at the same time ensure you have the best blending experiences. As a matter of fact, blenders are small and always overworked devices that need some special care while in use. These applications always helps reduce your food preparation times. What this means is that if a blender is maintained and taken due care of, they are very easy to clean and highly valuable in day to day life.


Rinse all fresh produce. You want to be sure that the foods you are blending are sweet and very clean. For this reason, you have to make sure that you rinse all the fresh produce before you blend them. This makes sure that there’s no dirt that ends up in your end results.

When using the blender, always make sure you are blending with the cover on. There are no technical involvements on this, but it’s very imperative to do this for some reasons. One reason is that if the cover is removed, you run the risk of messing your table. Additionally, you want to make sure what your blend is clean and free from frying debris, dirt and dust and hence you should at all times make sure the cover is on.

Always use the pulse function for ice and other hard to break substances. This comes into play especially when you are blending frozen pieces or fruits and thick purees. This helps to breakdown these substances with a little liquid to break them down.

Always build up the blender speed as you go. This will ensure that your blender is not overworked or even forced to break some hard substances which could cause some end troubles. Consequently, you have to start with pulse and turn the speed up slowly as you get on with blending.

Always cool hot liquids and other semi-solids before you add them into a blender. This is for your own safety and that of your blender. When liquids or semi-solid foods are hot, there is likelihood of creating steam that could otherwise burn your skin. The steam may also pressure the machine to open and later cause a mess. Excess heat can end up wearing down the blades of the blender as well.

After blending hot substances, always open the lid away from your face. I bet you are already aware of the pressure that can be caused by the steam. If you open the lid close to your face, you risk burning your face or even causing some serious injuries and messes.

Always add liquids slowly when the machine is running. There are some instances when the machine is running and you want to add some liquid. In this case, make sure you are adding liquids little by little to make sure there’s no surging the motor or splashing. The other thing is that you have to make sure you are adding the right ratios. The ratio of water to solids must be very right to get the desired results. If you don’t add enough liquids, then your blender will make some things lumpy and if you add too much liquid, the blades won’t come into contact with the solids.


Here is a list of things that you should avoid entirely to make your output really awesome and at the same time make sure your machine is in good health.

Never stick in any utensils or hard sticks into the blender while it’s running. This may end up ruining your blades and eventually cause more trouble. If you have to do it, then at least ensure you spare some time to do it right. Start by switching the machine off and eventually do it carefully.

Never put your hands inside the blender while the blender is still running. You need to be careful when you are running any machine. This comes into play when we talk about the user safety. As a matter of fact, blender blades are very sharp and you may end up injuring you. If you want to clean it, then make sure it’s unplugged.

Don’t fill the container of your blender to the top. The main reason for this is because the liquids don’t stay at the same place. When the machine is running, it starts to spin in all direction and hence you may end up causing a mess.

Never blend sun dried tomatoes –They have a leather texture which may end up jamming the blender. It can as well cause more trouble and hence you should avoid them entirely. If you have to blend them, then spare some time to soak them into water to make them soft.
Avoid using your blender for a long period of time. I bet you already know that your blender is a machine and not a superhero. It needs some time to rest before you continue. If you have so much to blend, then ensure you have breaks time to time. Extended use times put some strain on the blenders which can cause more trouble.

Don’t blend extremely thick substances because they may cause some troubles to the blender and at the same time wont blend out well. Reduce the time you blend them. Blending them for an extended period of time will increase the chances of your blender overheating.

The above are some of the dos and don’ts that you have to follow before you continue. They ensure that your blender stays on its best conditions and at the same time performing its duties to the maximum.

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