The necessity to borrow money due to a cash crunch is a situation many faces at some given instance in life. This requirement is only for a small amount of cash due to an unforeseen circumstance in the middle of the month, until the next payday. This money can either be borrowed from a bank or from a payday loan lender. If it is only a small amount of cash that needs to be borrowed for a short period, then a short-term payday loans turns out to be the better option due to several factors. The application for an online payday loan is a quick and simple one and gets fast approval without much paperwork required, as against a bank which usually takes several weeks to approve the loan. These cash advance loans require to be paid up quickly, normally by the next payday. This means that the borrower's interest is less than what he would pay if he gets a loan from the bank. The lender fixes this interest, and it does not depend on the borrower’s credit score, which is mandatory with any bank. Considering these factors, a payday loan is a great option when one needs to borrow a small amount of cash, usually for an emergency cash requirement between paydays.
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