Will I get my ex boyfriend back; Trying to get back together with your ex is a very difficult thing for anybody after a break up. If you are in this position, most likely there were mistakes made by both of you that led up to this break up. If you say that you did nothing to cause this, then you had better take a close look because both parties have a part of it.

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When we go into a relationship we have expectations of what it will be like. Unfortunately relationships do not always go the way we hoped. Being that we are only human, mistakes can be made that cause things to go wrong. You must understand that both of you are going to make these mistakes and it is how you handle them that can make or break a relationship.

If you could take a good look at yourself and your role in your relationship or the break up, and see where you may have helped cause it, then you would be making your first step toward getting your ex back. Be very honest with yourself and if you discover something you did be honest about it. You will have to be able to admit to your ex that yes, you made this mistake and you realize the consequences of it.

You can't just point fingers at each other and hope to fix things; you must take ownership and do what must be done to fix it if you want to get back together. Put your differences aside and again understand that the two of you will make some mistakes but try to work together to make the relationship work. Relationships just do not work like that you have to make it happen.

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