Land based casinos have always stood the test of time, however in light of recent worldwide events, some of those once very profitable and often huge and sprawling casinos you find in most towns and cities are at risk of closing down.

Casinos in places such as Las Vegas are huge, in fact most of them are casino resorts and cost a small fortune to run and operate day in and day out, however they do need a very steady and constant stream of customers to pay their bills and running costs, and many of them have been forced to close for the first time in their history for months on end recently.

Those that have now reopened are having to operate in a completely different way than before, often with few gaming machines on their gaming floors to allow for social distancing, and many have had to do away with the hugely profitable gaming tables too due to the risks they pose to players who are required to play close to each other.
As such it is very debatable as to whether all of them are going to survive into the New Year, unless things get back to some form of normality, especially as those venues do have some major competition from both online and mobile casino sites and apps.

Playing Online Comes with Risks Attached

If you do decide that you want to switch over to playing casino games online for real money, and no one would ever blame you with many land based casinos closed and with international air travel not currently possible to the U.S. then make sure that you make yourself aware fully of the risks associated with gambling online.

Many real money online casino sites and additionally mobile casino apps that allow you to play for real money are going to allow you to fully make use of a range of different responsible gambling tools, and they are tools that you should certainly consider making full use off too.

You will be able to set your own deposit limit and by doing so you will then completely remove any risk of you emptying your bank account for example by making repeated deposits into your real money online or mobile casino account, as long as you set a low deposit limit.

Also, try and sign up to GamStop if you do find you cannot control your spending and your real money gambling activities online for by doing so you will then find yourself self-excluded from all UK based and licensed real money casino sites and apps.

If you feel that you may continue to gamble at for example any Non GamStop Casino sites, then make a point of self-excluding yourself from each of those sites as well.
Expect Lots of New Rules and Regulations

A visit to any land based casino is of course meant to be enjoyable and a pleasant experience, well it will be if you end up winning and leave the venue with more in your pockets than you went in with.

However, due to the new rules and regulations that all land based casino operators are having to put into place and adhere with, you may not find that experience as enjoyable as it may have once been if you do decide to pay a visit to any land based casino.

For a start you will have to wear a mask or some form of face covering in such venues, you may also be required to wear disposable gloves too or at the very least ensure you sanitize your hands when entering such a venue, and there will also be very strict rules on social distancing in such venues too.

Gaming and slot machines are going to be spread out across a gaming floor, for they are no longer going to be allowed to be position side by side as they once did so if you are your friends or family members prefer playing slot machines as a couple or as a group, then those days are sadly long gone, or for at least the foreseeable future.

But if you are prepared to put up with the new layout and additional rules and regulations you are going to be forced to comply with, you may find the new layout and design of most casinos gaming floors to your liking, much more so if you are not really a sociable person and do not like being in close proximately to other people/players when out and about gambling.

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