How much do you know about prostate health problems? The prostate is an organ unique to men. It helps men control urination and secrete prostate hormones daily, which is vital in men's reproductive function. But men's prostate is also very prone to problems, and the most common is prostatitis.

If you were a man, would you care about your prostate health? Nowadays, many young people often have frequent urination, urgent urination, endless urination, painful urination, abdominal distension, and weakening of physiological function. When they went to the hospital for an examination, it was found to be prostatitis.

Some young people are terrified when they hear that they have prostatitis. In fact, if you have prostatitis, you should follow the doctor's advice. You can heal it well. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a safe and effective treatment. It can eliminate symptoms and causes to achieve a cure.

According to the statistics of Urology, prostatitis most "likes" young men aged about 20-40. And prostatitis can't find pathogens like other inflammation. However, the causes of prostatitis are most closely related to some living habits they have developed. Prostatitis is especially in sedentary people, such as drivers and sedentary office people.

Because these people have a common hobby, they keep the habit of sitting for a long time. They don't even want to get up and walk, not to mention exercise. The habit of sitting for a long time and maintaining a sitting posture does not dissipate heat locally, resulting in excessive local temperature, which provides a hotbed for breeding bacteria.

And sedentary people also have a habit of holding their urine. If they don't discharge their urine, the urine will return to the bladder, which will lead to prostatic infection and inflammation, resulting in prostatitis.

Many men heard that garlic is the cause of prostatitis, so they dare not eat it. Will men eating more garlic increase the risk of prostatitis? Let's find out!

As the saying goes, "if you don't eat garlic, the flavor is less than half." Many people like to eat garlic. No matter what dish you eat, they want to mix some garlic, and others even like to eat garlic. However, garlic contains garlic capsaicin, which is divided into spicy food. If you eat garlic during your illness, it will aggravate your condition. Therefore, many men dare not eat more when they say that garlic is an irritating prostatitis food. So is this the case?

Garlic has a potent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, and prostatitis is also a kind of inflammation. Therefore, men who have prostatitis can eat garlic appropriately to help reduce inflammation. It is conducive to improving prostatitis and restoring prostate health.
After all, garlic doesn't taste good. Some men don't like it.

So what food can men with prostatitis eat to improve their health besides garlic?

1. Soybeans

In Japan, men have prostatitis less than in many western countries. It is because they all have a hobby, that is, they like to eat bean products. The essential ingredient in soy products is soybeans, which contain plant hormones. Men often eat soybeans is conducive to improving prostatitis and slowly restoring the health of the prostate.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Many people may not know what pumpkin seeds are. Are they melon seeds that look like pumpkins? Not really. The pumpkin seed is the seed inside the pumpkin. After being fried, it is called pumpkin seed. But why do pumpkin seeds have a good effect on men's prostate?
Because pumpkin seeds are rich in nutrients, the nutritional value of these ingredients is very high, and the unsaturated fatty acids in them can well protect men's prostate health. Moreover, the vitamins contained in pumpkin seeds can help the prostate better discharge internal toxins and achieve the health of the prostate.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are known as "male protective fruit." The main reason is that tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which can effectively eliminate oxygen-free radicals in the prostate, improve prostatitis and protect prostate health. Men can eat more tomatoes in life. They can make scrambled eggs with tomatoes, tomato egg soup, and so on to supplement nutrition and are suitable for the prostate.

Finally, it is suggested that men must keep warm. Being warm is not only a matter for women but also men. Men should pay special attention to the warmth preservation of the abdomen, waist, and hips at ordinary times, which can reduce the pressure in the inner cavity of the prostate, relax the smooth muscle fibers, reduce the outlet resistance, and make the prostatic fluid flow out smoothly. It can reduce the risk of prostatitis and be conducive to the health of the prostate.

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