People have gotten more conscious of their diet choices over the years, and have come to the realization that regular soft drinks contains high amounts of sugar and will cause them to become fat. Thus, companies have rolled out new variations otherwise known as diet drinks. But is it really healthier? I will seek to share with you my insight on this topic.

Scientists have done many researches, and found that diet sodas will still make you fat. In fact, although it is stated to be significantly different from regular soda drinks, its effect is still nearly the same in real life! This is because it will still cause you to have cravings for processed foods high in carbohydrates and this way you will quickly gain weight.

Also, diet sodas will stimulate your sweet taste receptors on your tongue so much that you will not be able to taste the sweetness of foods like fruits.

If you are suffering from osteoporosis already, stop drinking diet soda! They will also suck calcium from within your bones.

Also, they will increase your risk of heart related diseases such as heart attack, stroke and the like. Shockingly though, regular soda was not found to be related to such risks.

An artificial sweetener found in most such soda drinks is known as neurotoxin. Aspartame has been found to possibly cause long term neurological damage. If you treasure your life, stop drinking diet soda. Aspartame is also found to cause depression and even bipolar disorder!

They can also cause disruption to your body's pH levels, leading to possible acne and cause your skin to not have radiance. We require high levels of alkalinity within our bodies if we want to be free of acne and have a healthy and glowing complexion. They are very acidic.

Additionally, they have also been found to reduce your kidneys' ability to function.

The manufacturers of such beverages want you to falsely believe that taking such drinks are your necessary steps to a healthy lifestyle. In actual fact, you are only sabotaging yourself. The risks and health problems which are found to be associated with diet sodas are so disastrous that you better take these drinks at your own health and life risk.

If you want to avoid having such health risks in your life you should stop drinking diet soda. If you want to stop gaining weight and finally become slim, then hydrate yourself with plain water instead!

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