Donald Trump has stirred up more reaction and sometimes controversy that any president for a long time. Like him or not, the man has stepped into what insiders and savvy investigators recognize as the cesspool of political, social, and criminal environment of Washington D.C. No saint himself, Trump hinted at the complex maze of murky dealings, and war going on between global self interest groups competing for control over the money and mind of the masses. He hinted at that when he acknowledged, “this job is more difficult than I realized”.

His natal numerology chart hints at the extremes of possible transformational behavior and possible outlandish behavior. He certainly has exhibited a little of each throughout his life, and particularly while in office. I recently took a look at his chart after having done it years ago. My first thought about someone with this chart is the potential for “indulgence”! That could mean indulgence in personal tastes, ideas and in his battles of commerce.
It can mean indulgence and adherence to policy and practices with fanatic dogmatism and stubbornness. It hints at mental shrewdness and even brilliance. But that potential is offset by a possibility of clinging to mental arrogance and disastrous ego centered misadventures.

His destiny number 99=9 is ideally utopian, idealistic, altruistic and desirous of making the world a better place for all. Many world leaders, including tyrants and dictators had the influence of the number 9, and meant well in their endeavors. Many anarchists over the century have had the 9 influence. Their dream vision may be grand, but the ego gets in the way of administration and many suffer in the end from issues of control, war and even annihilation.

Trump’s personal year 5 for the universal year 2019 crosses over the number of his integrated self. It will be immensely stressful, challenging and quite likely will go a long way towards defining his place in history. Will he rise up and lead the nation into the uncovering of its dark side and discovery of a much greater purpose than ever contemplated? Or will he slump and crash under the weight of his own blind ego and failure to see his greater self?

To slump could mean to give in and give up. Not likely for this man who has determinedly gotten this far. Slump could mean slump over like JFK with an assassin’s bullet. After all, he has displeased some of the same people who did not like Kennedy’s idealistic policies. Let us hope we do not go this direction again. He could slump over from the exhaustion of having brought about revelation and transformation in the face of resistance by those who would withhold that from humanity. And then we all rise up with his triumph.

Whatever the outcome for him, the most defining month of this most defining year of his life is very likely to be the month of April when he goes through the 9 personal month of a 5 personal year. As with astrology, there is always a little margin for the cusps each way, and not everything may occur at once in April. However, what does occur will most likely be of momentous meaning to his life and probably to the nation. Whatever you think about the man, it will be an important time to bless and pray for the best outcome for him and for all.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.