College admissions criteria has become very different over the years. Colleges are no longer interested in only in an applicant’s academic background. In fact, they are looking for applicants who have potential and have a set of skills which will be an asset for the college. More ideas on college admission can be found on

Everyone cannot be excellent academically. There are students who have a solid leadership quality, excellent communication skills, amazing critical thinking and good problem-solving skills. They also stand a better chance to get into their dream college. You will also need to be up to date with digital technology. These are some of the qualities based on which the colleges assess you.

If you have the above-mentioned skills, and are just okay with academics, you can still get into your dream college. Start building your profile in such a way that your academics are overshadowed by your skills.

Why will the college admission officers see more than academics?
Colleges are emphasising more on course rigor because they want to be sure whether the student they are admitting will be able to handle college course load. This is possible only if the student is an overall student rather than only an academically strong student.

The number of college drop outs are increasing. This adds a bad name for the college.
This is why the admission officers are looking for students who are motivated enough to handle the overall pressure of that particular institution.
Let us discuss some important points which will be able to get you into your dream college which will be required in the future apart from academics.

Extracurricular Activities
Colleges want students who are involved in hobbies, sports, music, volunteering and other extracurricular activities. These are considered to be good indicators of future contributions to the campus.

Colleges pay a lot of attention to student’s involvement in extracurricular activities. But do keep in mind, that what counts most is how long and deeply you are committed to those activities.

Extracurricular activities can be anything from sports, music, clubs, or any other interest. They will showcase your leadership quality you have accomplished and your commitment. Your overall student profile needs to be the best.

Colleges are looking for students with passion and a track record. Focus on extracurricular activities. Devote time, attention and it will give you an edge over the other applicants.

Colleges are looking for a well-rounded campus population. They are looking for world-changers. Depth is more important than breadth.

Letter of Recommendation
A lot can happen with a letter of recommendation for applicants who are not excellent with academics. A letter of recommendation from teachers can mention about your accomplishments. It provides insight into your character, personality and academics. This will help you in seeking a seat in your dream college.

You can get your Letter of Recommendation from your principal, coaches, teachers who know you well. So you will have to develop a strong relationship with them. In high school, always try and volunteer and make yourself visible. It will surely make a difference.

Universities will give greater weight to a letter that demonstrates knowledge of your character, abilities and background.

All colleges will ask you to submit an essay along with some additional questions. While all aspects of admission are important, essay is one of the most important factor. Make sure there is no spelling or grammar mistakes.

It should have a strong opening paragraph to get the reader hooked on to your essay. The reader should have a reason to read it till the end.

This will be your opportunity to out your personality in your application. If your essay is well written, it can help you get into the college.

Make your essay the difference-maker. No matter what your grades and test scores are- A great essay will make you rock!

Essays are able to speak of your character and your ability to overcome adversity. Essays are an important part of the profile for college admission. It is expected that in the future, this will become the first reason of admission.

Write beautifully, creatively, articulately and be narrative in your essay. Essay will give you the chance to highlight your interest and your tendency to take a lead in them. It should tell the reader why they would want you in their college.

Make sure your essay is so well written that it makes your entire profile highlighted among the other applicants who may have secured better marks academically.

Demonstrated Interest
Visit the college. Talk with the admission officers. Do something enthusiastic in your interview will call attention to how important it is to study in the college. Let them know you are interested.
Interest can be conveyed through college visits, smart inquires, virtual tours and scheduled interviews. Demonstrated interest will become very important in a competitive admission environment.

In the future, colleges will not emphasis only on grades. College admission officers will evaluate students on core components. Your overall student profile will matter a lot.

Education will become more multidisciplinary in future. Check Acadru for more on it. It is a multidisciplinary learning platform for students who wish to get into their dream college. All the best!

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