Wife Shows No Affection After Baby: Unhappy Marriage After Baby - Sexless Marriage After Childbirth

Millions of couples a year suffer through a lack of intimacy. Not all of them make it. The ones that do make it do it through hard work and possibly uncomfortable conversations. It helps first to understand the possible reasons for a sexless marriage to have happened. These are just a few from both his and her perspective.

From His Perspective:

1. I have a lot of pressure on me now - Maybe dad feels like he is solely responsible for the financial survival of the family now with baby at home. Sometimes daddy mode can kick in and place undue pressure on the father.

2. Too much to do from morning to night - Dad gets home from work and begins his second job of helping mom around the house and caring for baby. That is a lot of energy to expend in a day.

3. I'm frustrated and don't know what to do - This is of course the most common stress/frustration of a sexless marriage. Dad's can't always relate to what Mom is going through physically and/or emotionally after childbirth.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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From Her Perspective:

1. My Body Has Changed So Much!: A woman's body goes through incredible changes during pregnancy. These changes may leave a woman in an insecure place. Maybe she just isn't feeling sexy right now.

2. Sex in the same room as baby? This is a common reason women don't want sex after baby. If the baby wakes up, or needs mommy during intercourse what will happen?

3. It's too important to my husband. The frustration of not satisfying the needs of a partner can lead to resentment. Rejecting a husband's advances can actually lead to some guilt. Woman may find it easier to just avoid that situation all together.

Whatever the reason a Sexless Marriage can be fixed!

It doesn't really matter in the end what the reasons are for the sexless marriage to have occurred, does it? Whether it is the stress of baby, or the exhaustion of baby, or the financial pressures of family, it all leads to the same sexless marriage. So what does one do about it? You can keep trying to fix it yourself or you can do something to break the cycle.

Millions of people are going through what you may be going through. You are reading this article for a reason. Make a decision today to break the sexless marriage cycle. Make the decision to get the fire back. The only way this can happen is open communication, and understanding. She must understand him and he must certainly try to understand her. I guarantee you will find that things are not as bad as they seem!

Most of all get help. If you haven't been able to break out of the cycle of sexless marriage by now maybe you need some assistance. Don't be afraid to do what millions of HAPPY couples have done in the past and admit there is a problem. Now go out and fix it. Be proactive!

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Having better intimacy in your relationship is foremost about creating more points of connection with your partner. The more ways you can connect with each other, the more likelihood that intimacy will improve over time.

Of course there is physical intimacy and there is emotional intimacy. It does not matter, the above principle applies in both cases with one clarification - you are hardly going to have much of a physical intimacy if there is something wrong on the emotional side.

One sure way of creating these connection points is to take the time to make yourself interesting to your partner. Boring is not an attracting characteristic.

One mistake that we make is to believe that to be interesting we have to be more like our partner, more like what they already know, or more like what we think they would like to see. This is a big mistake in too many relationships.

If you are going to have better intimacy levels in your relationship, you are going to have to get away from this kind of erroneous thinking that in the end result in self-defeating behavior.

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Here are some surefire ways to make yourself more interesting to your partner that will lead to better intimacy.

* Take and show genuine interest in who your partner is. Someone who shows an interest in you is bound to in turn attract your interest. If this is true for you it is also true for everyone else including your partner.

* Be yourself and see yourself for what you are. No one will find anyone particularly interesting who is not real. And if you cannot see yourself for who you really are, you are going to have a problem representing you in an interesting manner.

* Try and find something very interesting about your partner that they are most likely not aware of and share it with them. This is pretty easy to do if you are intuitive and just observe your partner closely. Again, this is a sure way to generate some interest from your partner in you given that it shows specialness about you. Not many people are able to do this.

* Do something that is totally unexpected or out of the ordinary but extremely kind and take a matter-of-fact approach to it. One of the dangers in relationships is taking each other for granted. Over time, we become less giving, even less kind. Doing something once in a while that reminds your partner how lucky you are to be with him or her is a great way to keep up the level of interest and achieve a better level of intimacy.

Taking steps to increase intimacy in your relationship is always work in progress. It is not something you do just once and forget about it. You have to work at it to get better intimate-wise so that your relationship can be a place where you both find joy and fulfillment in life's wonders.

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" How?" If you find yourself in same thoughtful hitch, it means you care for your relationship and in response you are trying to do efforts to preserve your marital status. To save marriage you can try following steps:

a) Every marriage has it's on and off. The need is to realize it and work towards it. Always rely on C factor of a relationship. Its Care, Commitment and Communication.

b) Expressions leave an impression if they are beautiful. Try to leave your Ego on the road and bring home flowers instead of a frowning you.

c) To manage the disaster which have wrecked upon, it's nice to take counseling sessions or family programs.

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d) It's all about love in the end. Your spouse wants your undying and unfading attention. The formula is equilibrium between your professional and personal time. Most of the dissensions occurred between spouses are because of the lack of time.

e) If fidelity is the reason of disagreement between you two then it's difficult to give this way. Express your honesty before your partner and give him time to come out of it.

f) Adjustment might be the one thing your spouse need. Move ahead, forgive, forget is the key of success in any relationship.

g) Always keep in mind that It's not always your duty to make your marriage happen. You alone can't control or decide the fate of it, but can make the choice of making it work. Be happy that you have put some wonderful attempts in it.

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We are all aware that the romance and passionate love in our marriage also goes down as the time passes. In today's society, our life are being surrounded with all kinds of stress factors. The stress can come from money, work, kids or even parents. It was because of all these, we may have forgotten to show affectionate care and concern towards each other. How to rekindle a marriage?

- Look good, look nice
Did you let your waistline grow through your years of marriage? Where did that beautiful lady or handsome hunk go to? Many couples did not bother to keep their positive outlook, especially when they got married. They always have this mentality " I am married. Nobody would bother to look at me." Hey, you have got it all wrong. Who say nobody look at married man or woman? You look good not only for yourself but also for your spouse.

- Sexless marriage is no good
"We both work too much!" "We do not have the time!" This is the problem that has to be managed properly. Sit down and discuss how you should do to improve this problem.

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- Start celebrating your anniversary again
Can you still remember your anniversary date? This is the day that we thank one another for coming into our life. It is certainly an important date to rekindle a marriage by bringing back beautiful memories once again and it should be celebrated.

- Control your temper
Did both of you quarrel a lot? A marriage needs both parties to give and take, forgive and forget. Learning these two points can bring you closer to your spouse.

- Honeyed words
When was the last time that you hear those words "I Love You"? Learn to be mushy to your partner can be a good thing too.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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