You know, everybody has an "Inner Ooga Booga". "Huh? What does that mean?", I hear you say. As highly evolved as man has become, we still carry within us the programming of the Primitive Man, the kind of mentality we crawled around the caves with (insert chest thumping and Wookie sounds here).

What is the Primitive Mind?

Many parts of our limbic system, (which controls our hormones, appetite, sexual drives emotional responses and a whole lot more) operate from very ancient parts of the brain. So even as martini-swilling sophisticated we think we are, we still have deep unconscious drives that propel us into behavior and experiences that come right out of the Stone Age... Oooga Boooga!

This can most clearly be seen in our survival response, what is commonly known as "Fight or Flight". Whenever we perceive or experience a threat to our existence our body automatically switches into survival mode. Amongst other things our system becomes flooded with adrenaline to gear up the muscles to either run or battle 'til the bitter end. At the same time other vital processes like digestion are "switched off" so precious energy is conserved for this heightened response.

Now back in Caveman times the "Fight or Flight Response" was crucial just to get through the day - battling sabre tooth tigers, fleeing erupting volcanoes and staving off attacks from neighboring tribes. When the threat was over the body reverted back easily to the "Stay and Play" mode. In this day and age the "Fight or Flight" response has gone kind of crazy. Without all the seriously life threatening activity going on the "Fight or Flight" response gets activated, or even worse, stays activated by the most trivial things, like when someone pushes in front of you at the check out or the obvious "road rage" scenario.

How it affects us emotionally.

It's even become entangled in our emotional experiences. Ever experience the terrible pain of separation at the end of a relationship? A break up can trigger very powerful unconscious fears of being abandoned by the tribe, which back in the Stone Age would have meant a quick death. That pain is a warning sign that means, "You're in trouble! You're going to die." No wonder we want to cling on to things when we should let them go.

So when you find yourself in an extreme emotional state chances are your Primitive Self has been activated and is going haywire. Fear, anger, rage and profound grief can all be Primitive emotional responses.

How this affects our Prosperity Consciousness.

The Primitive Mind has some very powerful impulses that can be quite debilitating. Take for example, buying into a mass experience like Recession. Remember, staying connected to the tribe was absolutely crucial for survival in caveman times, and so even when the pack is going in a direction that isn't great (eg. recession) you are programmed to "stick with the pack or perish." It's actually quite terrifying on a deep and primal level not too.

Unconsciously you are going to create your own personal recession experience just so you can feel "safe" aligned with the pack. Crazy right?! How counter-intuitive is that?

Now all this Primitive energy is part of the egoic experience of being a person, and the ego, by it's nature is generally in resistance to the soul. So when you stay in your Primitive Modus Operandi, you usually are in denial of the power of your own soul. If you were truly connected to your soul you wouldn't experience panic attacks at the though of losing your job.

How we can break through this programming?

The exciting news is that at this point in humanities evolution we are now able to transcend these Primitive drives which are keeping us out of alignment with our souls true expression. To truly embrace the real abundant nature of who you are you have to move out of the Primitive fears that keep you restricted and limited. Think of how many people stay in jobs they hate when really they want to go out and do something that inspires them. Well isn't it interesting how so many people have lost these safe but inhibiting jobs recently? This is the urge from the soul to face the Primitive fears of survival in order to transcend them.

When you face the Primitive fears you realize that most of them are illusory. Practically everyone at some point feels terrified of losing everything and ending up homeless on the streets. But the fact of the matter is that this only happens to a very small percentage of people. Once you transcend this illusion you allow the powerful resource of your soul to create your reality. It's the power of the fear that draws that kind of negative reality into your life. No fear, no terrifying worst case scenario actualizing.

And how to make that easy.

The good news is there are easier ways to transcend the programming of the Primitive Mind than getting fired. The programming of the Primitive Consciousness is not only in the brain but entwined throughout the energetic system where "memory" is held.

By exploring multi-dimensional healing techniques that work to dissolve the energetic structures that hold Primitive Consciousness in place you can quickly release yourself from these old paradigms and move into a deeper connection with your inspired soul.

Multi-dimensional healing is a form of energy work that simultaneously works on the mind, body and soul, not just for this lifetime, but clearing the memory of all lifetime experiences. A single session can be more effective than months of therapy because it also accesses the material that is held deep within the unconscious mind and energy system. If you have tried more traditional techniques for conquering anxiety, depression and other chronic issues, multi-dimensional healing can cut to the chase by getting to the core of the Primitive Programming that underlies these experiences.

Release your Inner "Ooga Booga" and start living the life you want to see.

Author's Bio: 

Georgia Jean, is an Intuitive Healer, Channeler, Meditation Facilitator and creator of the Circle Evolution Energy Network, a portal for Personal and Planetary Healing. Visit