As an intuitive consultant, teacher and healer, I have seen a number of people who are so knotted and uptight from their following “The Secret” guidelines that they are actually harming themselves rather than getting the life-healing prosperity that they are projecting for!

Consequently I have found that those prosperity systems are not complete because they are trying to mix cultural paradigms. The old paradigm is that “stuff/relationships/recognition/etc. will make me happy.” But that has not proven to be true.

The fragment of the new paradigm that they expound is that “my thoughts and beliefs create my reality,” which I do find to be totally true! But I find that these thoughts, beliefs, challenges and life directions are much deeper and broader than we have previously imagined.

So, when these cultural belief systems are mixed—like mixing water and oil, people often find odd and unexpected results. Some of these may be—I got the money/stuff/relationship/etc., but I am not happy; no matter how hard I concentrate on what I want, it never comes, or I get drips and drabs; I feel really bad that I’m not able to do this prosperity manifestation thing right—they say it works for everyone else, so there must be something wrong with me; and so on.

Now, my work is to discover and teach the whole new paradigm. When you use this new paradigm, everything makes sense, things become easy, and folks discover happiness right down to their core! It is a whole new outlook on life that requires change. So, here is a brief overview of this Happiness Paradigm:

1. What we all want is happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Since it’s not actually the “stuff” that makes us happy, start by being happy first! (More to follow on how to be happy!) Then let those very real happy thoughts, vibrations, emotions, gratitude draw to us more and more of what will expand our happiness—kind hearts, money, stuff, fulfilling work and relationships, etc.

2. So the first step is letting go of the old cultural paradigm, which means letting go of old mindsets like competition, only wanting what our old ideas tell us will make us happy, and so on. It takes a lot of courage to step out of our old identity and what we strongly feel will make us secure and happy. Happiness on the inside is the core prosperity that draws even more prosperity on the outside.

3. Heal the old habitual “mind tangles” that make us feel that we are lacking, and that we will never get what we want—whether that is because we can’t believe it, or because we feel we are really safer if we aren’t prosperous in some way. Those constricted, angry, lost, victimized, controlling, etc. thoughts and emotions are often hidden. But they will only draw more of the same (law of attraction), no matter how we try to mask them. And they will disconnect us from real happiness. They come from our experiences not only in this lifetime, but from all our past lifetimes as well. And even if we happen to get the stuff/relationships we wanted, we still won’t be happy because we continue to play out those same old habitual “mind tangles”!

4. Happiness is the result of living from our Soul/our God-Self. This doesn’t mean living from dogmatic religious precepts—quite the contrary! Most of “feel” that we are on Earth to do something really special, but that often feels hidden from us. Once we “get it,”—whether that is the huge picture, or we get in the groove of partnering up with Soul to take care of everything, then life becomes open and calm, and we know how to play the adventure of it!

5. We can actually hear what our Soul has to tell us, and we can feel it! We can get our questions answered, we are led to our prosperity, and our Soul teaches us how to heal, and how to be greater and more satisfied than we ever imagined possible! We can also viscerally feel the great love and support that Soul has for us. No joke! And it is possible to learn to experience this in 5 minutes or less! Breath, neutrality and awareness make up the cell phone to Soul. The goal is to make that conscious partnership constant.

6. Soul definitely wants to give us an incredibly satisfying and most unique life! That includes life-fulfilling work for us to do, kind relationships, connections that seem to come out of the blue, and wonderfully surprising gifts and adventures, which is total prosperity! Since It is working from a much higher level, Soul can put things together for us in a way that seems magical. When “we let go, and let Soul—the God that is you” take charge and we do our part, our lives magically change to experience peace, kindness, ease, prosperity, fulfillment, etc. It’s not a reward kind of thing. It just an amazingly great and trusting friendship!

7. And if anyone wants to accelerate their progress, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan offer the most extraordinarily powerful tools that I have seen to heal our subconscious, upgrade our vibrational systems, and open to Soul. Happiness becomes a reality! Now that’s prosperity!

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Thanks for opening up this conversation. It so extremely important these days!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Khalsa

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Siri-Gian Khalsa teaches fascinating and truly effective Intuition Training and Prosperity Tele-Courses. She also provides wonderfully reliable Intuitive Consults by phone and Transformational Healing in person. She has practiced the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle since 1976, and continues to grow at every moment!