Do you ever notice the amount of people that retire to South Florida to golf, play tennis, and relax in the warm climate that allows them enjoy their golden years? It's an obvious occurrence, people from the Midwest who worked hard their entire life dream of making this retirement a reality. These same "snowbirds" as they are called by long-time Floridians, are starting to realize why people are calling Florida "The Skin Belt."

If you take a look around, there are many ways one can improve their skin in South Florida. Places like Aventura, Florida, cater to the affluent residents with expensive cosmetic surgeries that are available to help people lift, suck, and remove fat. Other professionals specialize in botox and dysport injections, and with all of the aged baby boomers residing in the area, of course, there are a number of popular anti aging centers that have many treatments aimed at helping people look younger and live healthier.

People are also starting to realize that South Florida is being referred to as "The Skin Belt" because so many great products are being formulated right here in the Magic City. Earlier this year, Elite Serum, a locally made eye cream, was mentioned on several authority sites as being the best eye cream on the market. South Beach Skin Care is another popular company among consumers online.

The strategic location of Miami gives skin care companies an obvious advantage among their competitors for the following reasons:

1. Miami's location makes it easy to import ingredients from laboratories overseas, such as Sederma, a large laboratory and ingredient supplier in France.

2. Companies can process and ship orders to international customers much faster than their competitors outside of the "Skin Belt."

3. Distribution to retail outlets is fast and easy.

4. The local population is in dire need of their products due to the amount of sun exposure living in Florida entails.

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Karla A. Sutton is an anti aging author who often reports on skin care. Her columns can be found online at major health portals and also by reading her articles on the Examiner. For more information about Karla Sutton, check out her latest published article about eye creams.