How and what do you feel when a writer shares an insight or technique that creates a desired shift for you at the inner and/or outer level? Exactly!

You’re reading this now, which means you have a desire to provide a similar experience for others through your unique offering: articles, e-books, and even books you may write.

We life coaches feel deep motivation to assist others to self-empower. Our desire to participate with individuals ready to move forward and do so with our unique energy is our fuel.

What we offer to them is our vehicle.

To assist them to attain a desired outcome and celebrate this with them is one aspect of our desired destination.

The other destination aspect—the other side of the coin—is to expand who we are and therefore how we can serve others through our individual gifts and skills. We aim to amp up how we express our true selves, and enhance experiences we choose—experiences that nurture fun and fulfillment in our lives. We love having something to share and others to share it with. Writing is a venue that enhances and allows fulfillment of both; and you put your unique brushstrokes onto a larger canvas.

You may be a novice writer. You may feel you have a block (a fear) about getting started or completing your e-book or book. As a coach, I remind you that a block is also something you can use to construct what you desire; and that fear is often a friend in clever disguise.

If you feel inspired to write, there’s no reason you can’t and every reason you should. There is a treasure trove of information online and on bookshelves to assist you.

Remember to start where you are now as a writer and agree to eagerly anticipate where you’ll be years from now, and how many others you can assist, if you keep at it. Participate in your process as you evolve your craft—and yourself.

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Joyce Shafer (, life coach and author of "I Don't Want to be Your Guru, but I Have Something to Say," assists fellow life coaches to become self-published (and selling) e-book authors in 6 weeks through a 7-step process. Details at - see outstanding reviews of her books/e-books at