I know, I know some would say that what a ridiculous statement, of course it is important to men but why? Some say that they think about it twenty three hours a day, seven days a week. Even the most famous psychologist, Freud agreed that it is the main goal of men- to get sex when they need it.

To them it signifies power and success. To majority of them money, power and success is futile if you can’t get it. Some would deny it and say “no, it is not everything. It’s not my end all and be all motivation” if you are one of these male population, then good for you, you are a minority, believe me.

One proof of this is the ever thriving sex trade, right? It is the oldest trade in history and it only advances as the years go by. They say the weakness of men is women but I say their weakness is what women can offer and it is sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men are shallow creatures.

On the contrary, I believe that this creates a balance in the universe. Sex is important to men because of so many reasons. Aside that it really feels great. It has to do with the old age inculcation that they should spread their seeds and genes as much as they can for the survival of the species.

During the old days men have several wives. As a matter of fact, even today in some countries, concubines and mistresses are an acceptable practice to multiply the man’s gene pool. In this case sex is important for the continued existence of the species. On a personal note, I don’t feel comfortable with this idea at all.

It makes human beings no less than bears and dogs, if you know what I mean. Another reason why sex is important to men is because of their biological make up. They have more testosterone than women. Testosterone is responsible for the sexual drive of a person, the more the testosterone the more sexually driven the person is.

This is why they have an inborn need for it. Another point why sex is important to men is because it’s the only way for them to communicate their feelings. Deprive them of it and you deprive their feelings and their being. Sex is to men and listening is to women.

If you’re a woman and your husband never listens to you, what do you do? You call your girlfriend or whoever you want to listen to you, right? For men, deprive them of sex and he will look for it somewhere else. It’s not just a biological need for them.

It’s also an emotional need- this is one of the major ways that you can make him feel that he belongs. Sex is important because it’s the only way that they can get their “power”. If you’re a wife and have been married for quite some time, change your point of view about it, if you want your husband to feel good and accepted and become productive at work, never deprive him of it.

Communicate to him through his language he is very familiar with. When making love, use more touches and caresses and kisses, embrace him more. In your love making make him feel that he is accepted and truly loved and cared for. Make it intimate and make it fun, listen to him when he makes love because if you listen to him inside the bedroom he will listen to you outside the bedroom.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach who has been helping and coaching individuals and couples for many years. Get your copy of Ruth's ebook The Powerful Secrets of Seduction. Learn how you can seduce any man that you fancy with so much ease and subtlety.