Why Not?…Begin Again!

By Christine M. Prevete, MhD

There is a brief moment when you awaken each morning and there is a clean slate. You breathe yourself back to the world from sleep. It’s a quick and fleeting moment before you open your eyes, but it’s there. There is no story yet. You get up, look in the mirror and remember the story of you. This is the defining moment of your day. Will this moment be met with drudgery for the continuation of the stories or will it be fabulous? It is easy to slip into the stories we have lived for so long. Everything in our lives can seem so set and permanent. The truth is that this glorious moment every morning is your gift. You can truly design an entirely new story and walk into your day feeling fabulous! We can only walk through life one step at a time and you could make it a dance. This clean slate moment every morning is when you can truly begin again.

Take inventory! Practice remembering all that is fabulous about you! This is the story that can jump start the journey of your day. Begin with the best of yourself taking the lead out the front door. Get into the world and be beautifully bold. You will find opportunities everywhere, just waiting for the best of you to come along. It may begin in small doses, so watch closely. Surprise someone with an act of random kindness and see what happens. Spirits are renewed to turn the day around and begin again.

Fill up! At least once a day, put your arms up over your head and face your palms to the sun…feel your body fill up with as much sun energy as possible. You will truly feel your tank filling up with the fuel it needs to stay on the go…pure sun power.

Sing! Start your day with some feel good music (maybe I’m Yours by Jason Mraz!) You will find yourself humming a happy tune in your head all day long. It will give you the beat to make every step a dance. A good bouncing rhythm is just the thing to keep you rocking and rolling well through the day and on into the night.

Lighten your load! The FlyLady.net has a fabulous suggestion of the Fling Boogie. This is a terrific and fun way to lose some real weight. Throw away what is complete and give away what could be revived. You will be amazed at how free you will feel by lifting the weight from your space. Garbage cleared out will clear your mind and the act of charity is always a lift for your spirit.

Get out of your mind and into your heart! It is so easy to fall to the temptation of logic. Living your days obediently will never create a thing! At least once a day, let your mind be the servant of your heart. As you move through what needs to get done, daydream about what you would do if you could do it. What is the whisper from your heart? What you long for is a clue to how you could feel like you’re dancing through your days. Start small to set the wheels in motion. Find ten minutes in the day to connect with what you would love to be, do or have.

Joyful daydreams are the quickest way to draw something closer to you. The secret to success is to surrender the longing and embrace the playful imaginings of it. Children show us how to pretend, and it is so. Set yourself free to create a new story of you today. Everything you want to experience is already in the world. It’s just a matter of joining with it. Moments a day will set the energy in motion to begin again and start writing a new story of you…and why not?

Author's Bio: 

*Co-Author of the Best Selling Book Series - Wake Up...Live the Life You Love: Living In The Now (along with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Michael Beckwith, John Assaraf of The Secret, and more!)
*Intuitive Counselor
*Doctor of Metaphysics
*Healing Works International Professional
*Ordained Minister
*Angel Therapy Practititioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue
*Field Instructor for Delphi University
*Founder of Earth Angel Center and Earth Angel Messenger Certification Program