Love is one of the most misunderstood energies of our time. Most people look at the lore of love predominantly from a romantic viewpoint. However, viewing love through this narrow lens filters out the larger picture and misses the deeper meaning of love energies.

The love you have learned to experience is just a tiny aspect of a very deep, profound and powerful energy that underlies everything in this universe. This energy has the ability to supersede everything. It is the most powerful force that drives you ultimately to the achievement of the things you hold dear.

Love is the first experience the newly born child has when they experience the joy of the parents at their first sight. Later in life we learn to desire love from a partner, however this love is seldom clean. It is powered through need. The need to be wanted, accepted, to feel safe and cared for.

This aspect of love is far removed from the powerful love that is all encompassing, non seeking, non asking and resides deep within each and everyone of us and every thing in the cosmos. You can access it through spiritual practice and by furthering your personal development. There are no short cuts, because in order to experience love in its complete form you need to be at a certain level in your cognitive development.

How can you access this energy and why indeed should you even try?

These are very important questions. Practicing love awareness gives you access to the deeper power within you that lets you transcend your shadows. This alone is a very sound reason to work on yourself and further your personal growth. It also enables you to see beyond the three dimensional reality which you believe your world to be made out of.

When you access the deeper, more complete love energies you will notice how you automatically stop judging others and yourself. You are gaining a sense of natural acceptance, if you like, of all there is. This is not to say that you should allow others to treat you badly, or that you should stop standing up for your own values. Not at all and actually quite the contrary is the case. Through experiencing love energies on all levels you also gain a deeper appreciation for yourself. You begin to understand that it is okay for you to have your space and lead your life as you personally choose to in line with what is right for you.

You will also start noticing much more of how others are experiencing their worlds. You will connect to their feelings, emotions and how they do things. Need I point out to you that these insights will give you invaluable advantages in all your dealings, last but not least with your trading?

It is not time that heals things, but love

It is a fact that from the vantage point of our evolutionary stage we place a great deal of emphasis on time. What's more, our concept of time is also very flawed. We view time as a series of beginnings and endings when in reality this is just a way our brain compartmentalises the many events so that we can make sense of them.
In other words, time as you and I see it does not exist, but is a way, if you like, that stops everything happening all at once in our realities.

So, does it not make sense then to work at getting to know love energies and connecting to them? Surely that is so, but as you move up on the evolutionary ladder you will want to do this automatically. Seeking love energies becomes an inner need that is no more primarily driven by intellectual reasoning. If you can connect to love in this way you will in that instance release all your shadows, all your pains, fears, resentment and anger and judgements. In that state your energy channels are cleansed. You are purified and able to receive everything there is as it is.

Judgement is the mind's self imposed obstacle course

Good judgement comes from seeing and experiencing the things in your world as they unfold in front of you. Good judgement, or should I say, good action, comes from experiencing the interconnectedness of all things, but without the judgement that normally accompanies everything we see and experience. It seems nigh on impossible for the average person to observe their environment without placing some sort of meaning on the events that unfold in front of them.
Whenever we have to give meaning to things, we are stopping the natural flow of our interaction with the universe. As a consequence we are slowing down the manifestation process, and in the worst case scenario we sabotage our progress and success.

Giving things meaning can be great fun, but believe me, every time, you attempt to give something meaning, you are missing a large part of the hole picture. Because each time you interpret anything you are focusing on a small aspect of the whole. This is similar to seeing only the tulips in the garden and completely ignoring that there are roses, evergreens, herbs and trees.

Focusing on an aspect instead of taking in the whole picture impairs your judgement and impairs your mental nimbleness. The traders among you know just how important it is to be mentally nimble and open when making quick trading decisions. Ultimately, nothing means anything at all, but you give things the meaning you choose to give them. That is okay and necessary in many situations, I am only asking to you become aware of this aspect of your mental make up.

Connecting to true love energies is a profoundly beautiful and peaceful experience. Once you have experienced it you will want to experience it again. Guided meditation is one of the ways how you can accelerate the process and build a love awareness reservoir for ready recall when needed, until it eventually becomes an integral part of you. When this happens you will lose the need to be consciously aware of it because you know at this point that this a part of you and you will automatically act from this new vantage point.

Like everything, regular practice will change and expand your world views and get you in touch with a reality which is far more real than the 3 d reality from which you are presently making your life decisions.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a spiritual success coach and author.
She has developed unique meditation techniques available on her website..