This is not an article about how to have the happy childhood you missed out on by bonding with your children and experiencing a new childhood along with them, although that’s a great thing to do. If you have children, I recommend it.

Nor is it an article about getting in touch with your inner child and spending time with her or him every day, doing some of your favorite childhood things, in essence nurturing your inner child and so forth. Although there’s great value in that kind of approach as well.

This is about a cutting edge development in emotional healing. A development that allows you to literally overwrite traumatic and unpleasant childhood experiences with new memories – memories of how it would have been if you could change it.

The method is called Matrix Reimprinting, and it was developed by Karl Dawson, an EFT Master in the UK.

Of course you can’t change history, what actually objectively happened. But you can change the energetic imprint that is still held in your energy field. With classic EFT/MTT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Meridian Tapping Techniques) you neutralize the emotional charge on traumatic or upsetting memories, and that’s how you eliminate the undesired phobias, fears, physical and emotional symptoms that stemmed from those events.

What Dawson found is that at the time of a trauma, a part of our psyche literally freezes and is permanently stuck in the event. This part of the psyche is called an “ECHO” or Energy Consciousness Hologram. For that part of our subconscious, that ECHO, it is always in the “now” of that event whether it happened days or decades ago. With this Matrix Reimprinting, we can even interact with ECHOs from the time before we have conscious memory, to the crib or even pre-birth to the womb.

Our ECHO is actually trying to protect us from being hurt again. He or she may resist every attempt to wipe out the coping mechanism she or he developed, be it physical or emotional symptoms, because his or her view it’s not safe to do so. This is why sometimes tapping techniques and other energy therapies either may not work, may not last, or may take a long time to achieve permanent results.

With Matrix Reimprinting, we can now go directly to the ECHO, interact with her or him, and bring him or her to a safe place where healing naturally occurs. As part of the healing, we can literally reimprint a new, desirable and empowering memory. Then there is no longer any need for whatever strategy he or she came up with to cope, because there is now no need to cope.

I experienced this astonishing, powerful yet powerfully gentle experience myself as part of my practitioner training.

Astonishing, because what seems to begin in the imagination takes on a very real reality as the process unfolds. The ECHO will tell you how he or she feels, and what she or he needs to have happen to bring about a healing. Often, an ECHO will send you to an earlier ECHO, which might send you to an earlier one and so on.

Powerful, because as part of my own experience I reimprinted a new memory on an event that occurred when I was seven years old. My mind now just automatically tunes into the positive energy of the reimprinted “new” memory.

Gentle, because it was my seven year old ECHO that came up with the solution that was effective. There was no forcing, no pushing of an unwanted solution. It was the ECHO’s own solution, so it was accepted easily and effortlessly. All I and my practitioner partner did was facilitate the process.

With Matrix Reimprinting it’s literally never too late to have a happy childhood. It’s a powerful method to eliminate trauma that few, if any other methods can touch as effectively.

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Dr. Webb is a Holistic Life Coach, creator of The Web of Light Holistic Coaching System, and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. He is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and he is trained in advanced MTT. He is a Certified Reiki Master, an ordained minister, and a certified chaplain. Dr. Webb holds a Master's Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics and a Doctor of Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.