The other night, I was reflecting on some of the lessons I have been learning/reading about in Wayne Dyer’s “You’ll See it When You Believe it.” (It’s amazing to me that his book was written over 20 years ago and the content in it is EXTREMELY applicable to life- even today!)

What’s been hitting home is… One of the secrets to manifesting (and also a fundamental principle of abundance) is to focus on what you have.

I knew this principle on an intellectual level, but I realized I wasn’t applying it in my life. I’ve been doing all I can (meditating and using affirmations) to reprogram my mind, and “plant” this belief into my unconscious thought processing.

“Focus on what I have, focus on what I have, be grateful for what I have, believe and trust in the abundance of the Universe.”

(In my past, these affirmations didn’t sink home and I easily manifested a lack of abundance in my life)

I now feel more ready to embrace these affirmations, “subscribe to them.” and allow the beliefs to sink into and affect my unconscious programming.

There are very special times when it is of most importance to increase your awareness. These are the times when you’re doing the most mundane things (like the dishes) and the smartest thing to do is “notice” the train of thoughts…

And just a few hours ago I realized a personal “no-no” happen in my abundance and manifesting process.

I was hand washing some soup bowls, thinking to myself “We need more bowls. I’m sick of having so very few dishes!” I continued to scrub and put my energy and thoughts into a lack of dishes when…

An Aha experience happened! I caught myself in the act of focusing on a “lack of.” (For Manifesting, this is focusing on scarcity.) I literally felt my shoulders lower, a tingle surge down my spine, and a shift in my beliefs happen. Doing the dishes was a catalyst in my experiences of how to manifest! Who would of thought- the dishes?!

It was extremely critical to realize this. You have to let this sink in and do whatever you can to notice what your stream of consciousness is doing when you are doing your mundane activities!

What do you think about when you do the dishes? (And this can mean when you load the dish washer.) How about when you drive? These are the times when you’re least likely to know exactly what the thoughts are creating, but the most valuable for understanding how your thoughts ultimately manifest the experiences in your life.

To manifest what you truly want, you have to be aware of what thoughts you are generating in the subconscious activities of your life. Stay aware and you’ll notice your life grow more accustomed to abundance and successful manifestations.

Enjoy the ride!

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Reid Peterson, M.A., is the founder of MANIFEST CREATIONS, a website that teaches you how to manifest what you truly want. Reid's focus is on emotional manifestations because he knows that true happiness comes from within and not from the material world. Visit to learn more about how to manifest what you truly want.