With our tendency to focus on areas on our body that we deem most important while ignoring others, there tends to be issues that will arise to which we are not prepared for. It can be a very startling site when you look in the mirror and see the signs of aging (wrinkles, loose skin, etc) when you believed you were doing just about everything you could to prevent any issues. The point I am trying to make is that, when it comes to keeping your skin as youthful as you can, we tend to really only focus on our faces and not one of the most damaged areas on our bodies, the neck. Due to this reason the appearance of neck wrinkles and loose skin seem to appear out of know where when we could have been preventing this all along.

The reason neck wrinkles and loose skin appear on your neck so much faster than expected is due to a few factors:

First of all, the skin on your neck is a little bit thinner than your face, as well as the muscle and skin tissue being weaker than the face. I am sure you have heard or read sources stating that your face is the first receiver of sun damage and other issues relating to damage from environmental elements, but this is not necessarily true. The fact that your neck and face are in very close proximity, makes these elements above effect your face and neck pretty much simultaneously. Since the concentration of our sun screen and cleansing time goes to the face to prevent wrinkles and damage, your neck is the silent victim here showing you signs quicker than any other area would. The forms of damage that you see can be anything from neck wrinkles and creases to sun spots and lose skin, and these issues are not hard to miss when they appear.

Also, another issue that many do not realize is that the way you sleep can give you the neck wrinkles and creases that we were talking about above. You usually only hear about your sleeping habits visible effecting your eyes and the skin around them, but yet again your neck is right there receiving the same amount of damage. It has been said that if you use too many pillows while you sleep, one side of your neck will be creased and eventually (after doing this night after night) these creases will stick giving you neck wrinkles for the whole world to see. Using only one pillow or not using a pillow at all will not only help in eye care issues, but it will help with the appearance of crease on your neck being something you will not have to worry about.

Going along with the first issue of your neck skin being thinner, we have to bring up the point that most people do not cleanse, exfoliate, or even moisturize their neck area. As was stated above, your neck receives the same damage from environmental factors as your face or other areas so it should be treated like other areas. Using a gentle cleanser and a moisturizing lotion for your neck will make a world of difference to the eventual appearance you are now aware of. Early wrinkles are mostly produced by negligence towards your skin, in the form of sun damage and toxin buildup, causing the body's natural anti aging routine to slow down and not be able to work as hard any more years before it should. So by paying attention to the skin, especially the often neglected neck, you will give your body no excuse to give up early and you do this by using a cleanser, moisturizer, and sun block on your skin. Also, feeding your skin the right nutrients by way of skin care products will enhance healthy skin longer than any normal skin care product would. You can do this by using cleansers and moisturizers with an organic base or a natural origin. Most ingredients that are truly natural or organic carry with them vitamins and minerals that can benefit your skin in ways you weren't even aware of. So for the present issue of neck care and neck wrinkle preventions, maybe using a neck cream or moisturizer with organic natural ingredients would be a great idea to help keep healthy skin alive and well.

Neck wrinkles, loose skin, and other appearance oriented examples of aging skin on the neck do not make a pretty picture. Plus, another little tidbit I forgot to mention above, once your neck starts showing these neck wrinkles and loose skin you will have a very hard time reversing it. The skin on your neck aging is one of the toughest areas to fix. So prevent it before it even starts, use the right skin care products and do not neglect any areas on your body. Your skin will show its love by giving you healthy radiant skin for years to come.

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Mark Daniels is an expert on the aging skin and body processes and the correct way to help this issue be resolved. Writing about topics including neck wrinkles to good exercise and diet tips after 55, his insight into the best consumer values has made him a very popular author for consumers to follow.