Why Do We Have Emotions?
I have observed that this 'accelerated'time can present a very powerful opportunity for your emotional being and I would like to support you to enjoy your emotions. You may experience joy, love and abundance and I would like you to consciously celebrate this high frequency of life. Or maybe you experience loneliness, fear or failure and I would like you to consciously embrace these constrictive energies to liberate them and yourself.
“Why Do I Have Emotions”? Thanks to Creative Questions and the Expand Yourself Now program I can say that life in all its aspects, mental, emotional and physical, is waking up to its own magnificence and that the more you ‘understand’ the intention there exists in life, the easier it gets to surrender to it and enjoy the ride. Besides, the less you resist the easier it becomes to surf the waves of ‘energy in motion’ and as you adapt to this mode of thought, the better it gets. So I think it is important to make peace, not only with our thought-questions educating our minds to think peace, abundance or love but to also make peace with our emotional life. This happens especially if you allow your open heart to guide you, because it will do so through your capacity to feel, to sense and to embrace the changing world of your emotions. So again, consider the question: “Why Do I Have Emotions?”
Here is my experience. Emotions are something I always felt trapped in and I never really trusted them as something supportive for my spiritual path. I always thought that there was no room for emotions on the spiritual level of thought, and that PEACE, FREEDOM, LOVE and STILLNESS were the kind of very subtle emotions that were not so easy to experience in our world of turmoil. In my own life I was much more aware of sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration or a sense of powerlessness rather than peace, safety or gratitude, so of course I judged all the ‘feeling bad’ energy that surrounded me... that 'energy in motion'... and I just wanted to escape from it. What an illusion!
The more I unconditionally welcomed 'energy in motion' the more I realized that these emotions relaxed when I was Present and actually showed me the path to Source... which to my experience has always been about going inwards, diving deep into the experience of the present moment and allowing the revelation of my True-Self to shine through the appearance of the discomfort. Truly, it feels like a miracle! The Light that we are is immensely much more powerful and real than the discomfort, limitation or darkness we perceive.
After this investigation I realized that all emotions are spiritual. All of them, once fully experienced, bring me to my Self... All of them! So today when I ask, “Why Do I Have emotions?” Hmmm... Let's see… Because I am alive!... Because I experience life!... Because they bring me ‘home’… Because they open my heart!... Because they are telling me what kind of thinking, ideas or memories I am having!... Because I choose to experience them.

I want you to notice how our Creative Questions do not bring you to the mental ‘why do I feel this or that?’ which will build up and nurture the story, perpetuating the experience. I want you to notice how Creative Questions are here to open the ‘connection’ that you have with Divine Intelligence or Success Consciousness, showing up as the Silence that appears just after the question. This silence naturally (no effort) bring you the responses that expand you. Remember that Creative Questions are meant to be thought-felt with your heart. They are an open prayer that connects you with your true wisdom that resides in your heart!
So after going through that whole process - from my point of view - emotions are an element to experience and to teach me 'Who I Am'. In silence and respect the more I open my heart to the experience I am having, the more I discover and expand into the freedom, love and light that I am.
So now tell me, “Why Do You Have Emotions?”
And getting more curious I would like to know,
“How Do You Feel When You Enjoy Your Emotions?"
Hmmm… I have to tell you that it feels really good!
May you mindfully remember to celebrate your expansive 'energy in motion' so you can be contagious in your joy and gratitude... and may you remember also to embrace your discomforts so that you can expand into the unconditional love and passion that you already are!
LOVE, Monica
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How Do You Feel When You Enjoy Your Feminine Wisdom?
May all beings discover their Beauty and Love!

Author's Bio: 

Doctor Monica was born in Spain, and following her love to help others she became a successful Medical Doctor with a Dental Specialty, practicing for 14 years in her home country. After experiencing some challenges, that caused her to wonder what life was truly about, Doctor Monica embarked on a personal journey exploring Zen, Yoga, Reiki, Rebirthing, a Course in Miracles and much more including the works of Louise Hay, More than 10 years of searching lead her to a spiritual wake up that resulted in a change in career and a move to the United States in 1994.
There she co-founded “Creative Questions” in 1997, while deepening her own self-investigation with her spiritual teachers who include Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, David Deida and many more. This gave her the strength and passion to offer her gifts to other people to find real happiness and enjoyment in life.
Today she teaches and coaches “The Feminine Way” based in practicing Loving Presence and Loving Mind with Creative Questions.
Please visit: www.CoachingTheFeminineWay.com