Because of the nature of my training and coaching programs, many of my clients come to me with a very spiritual perspective on things. The promise of a spiritual perspective is that you will feel more connected, more loved, more joyous, and feel a sense of oneness. Yet, many spiritual people DO NOT have an abundance of these experiences. In fact, most of the spiritual people I meet have pretty sucky lives. And guess what, I’ve been there too. Here’s why.

There is a myth perpetuated by the miss understanding of ancient spiritual text that you must withdraw from life in order to be spiritual. The whole, “Poverty is more spiritual” things is a total misperception.

Adopting a more spiritual perspective simply means that you are focusing less on action and more on how you experience that action. In other words, spiritual people investigate the non-material or experiential aspects of life. But that doesn’t mean you give up the material aspects. Can you? Yes. This is classically called “The Pathway of Negation” Which is great if you plan to be a monk.

Most spiritual people are just normal peeps living normal lives. Most have engaged spirituality as a way of enhancing their experience. Being a monk is generally not an option or even a desire. Yet, spiritual types often buy into this idea of “less is more” in a destructive way. Lemme explain.

Most spiritual types are not being honest about why they are spiritual in the first place. Many are using spirituality as a way of reducing the amount of negative experiences they have in life. Like a tool for fixing their broken life. On the other hand, many use their spiritual practice to have enhance their life including; family, relationships, work, hobbies and various other interests. They are not willing to give all these things up and be a monk. So here’s the misfire. Often they are so focused on being spiritual that they forget about sure their life functions effectively. I know I’ve made the mistake of believing that being spiritual will make everything in life work out. “Just go with the flow dude!” I would think to myself. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is the case. If you don’t work on having your life work, then it won’t. No matter how happy you are during the process. Your life will still suck.

Here’s another mistake I use to make. I would use my spiritual tools to maintain happiness because my life was messed up. NEWS FLASH!! When your life works, you don’t have to use your spiritual tools to be happy in miserable situations. You can just be happy and love your life. If your life doesn’t work, then you are constantly using your spiritual tools to maintain happiness in situations that most people would be miserable in.

If this describes you. Cut it out. Get back in action and make your life work. Which is not a spiritual process. That is a functional process. Do this and your spirituality will be 1000 times more pleasurable becuase you won’t have to use your tools to cover up your unhappiness. You’ll simply be happy and then use your tools to be even happier. Okay?

Yo! Spiritual Peeps! Be as committed to having a life that works as you are to practing spritiuality and you will live an extraordinary life. FYI God/Spirit/Universe wants that for you.

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