Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are great at what they do yet often times without much experience at running a business… this can leave them feeling overwhelmed, overworked, burnt-out or just tired of trying to figure it out. Sometimes you can get so engrossed in figuring-it-out, you may "not being able to see the forest, but for the trees…."

Business Coaching can be a powerful tool for change and is most often directed toward the entire organization. Coaching is a support system based in powerful, action-oriented conversations, brainstorming, planning and implementing with all stakeholders. It provides accountability and an outside sounding board. Coaching can confront challenges, overcome fears and explore opportunities.

Business coaching brings the business owner an extremely valuable resource — a different perspective. Coaches do care about their clients, but they don’t have the same emotional attachment or overwhelm by day-to-day details, personnel relationships, company breakdowns, emotional attachment, etc.

What to look for in a Business Coach.
First, close relationships often develop between a client and a business coach. Yet know your coach was not hired to be a friend. Business coaching is not therapy or consulting either.

Business coaching typically does not involve writing long reports and handing it over to you to implement the “solutions.” A business coach works with you over a period of time, setting strategies, plans, and goals. Accountability is key to business coaching.

An effective business coach makes a long-term commitment to help you solve problems and redefine the future. When you hire a business coach you want to make sure that both you and the coach have a mutual understanding of your vision for your business. A quality coach has a system of accountability for both you and themselves. Be aware there is no watchdog or governing board for the business coaching industry.

A typical system of accountability would include a process for reportable benchmarks. Benchmarks could be launching of new systems and processes for your business, increased revenues or market share, meeting of specific goals, perhaps new products or innovation, less stress, increased employee productivity, etc.

Business Coaching is…
• The accountability that most of us need to keep us on track.
• An outside observer that can offer a different perspective.
• Brainstorming and conversations that create synergy to achieve.
• A wealth of experience of others, including best practices, new systems and processes, ideas and skills.
• A safe, non-judgmental environment to gain clarity and make purposeful, strategic decisions.
• A flexible plan of action, working through changes, fears and obstacles as they appear

Business coaching helps:
* Clarify your vision and purpose
* Negotiate more effectively
* Solve problems
* Identify and take advantage of opportunities
* Increase business revenues and personal income
* Design a plan of action
* Reach previously unattained goals
* Make decisions quicker
* Make a major transition
* Communicate clearly and confidently

Businesses are using coaching because it is a cost effective way to achieve strategic results. The foundational keys for business success – experience, accountability and effective communication can all be developed and enhanced through business coaching.
Remember, business coaching is a safe space to explore your options and opportunities in business and life. Create a new vision or mission, overcome obstacles, conquer fears, dream and achieve your goals.

©2009 Sharon Sayler

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Sharon Sayler, MBA, Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach and Family Business Success Strategist offering consulting, training and production services that support your family business to put your passion and purpose into practice. As a certified group dynamics and behavioral coach, Sharon's interactive coaching and workshops use systems, tools and examples based on more years than she cares to divulge in family-owned businesses, a career in business coaching and her long mentorships with Michael Port, of Book Yourself Solid fame and Michael Grinder, one of the foremost authorities on non-verbal communication. She is the host of Beyond Lip Service on the Blog Talk Radio Network and producer of Michael and Friends on the Booked Solid Network. A sought after speaker and author of "Life’s Short Live Passionately" and "Beyond Marketing Building Relationships" she relates business and communication solutions and skills on persuasive presenting, marketing and copy. Her e-zine called "Best Impressions" can be found at and