Who has the fat wallet?

The promise of MLM is that anyone can make money. All recruiting material, from every company I've seen, shows ordinary people making $1,000,000's.

So, where is all that money?

The vast wealth created in MLM is concentrated in the purses and wallets of the very few leaders. Sadly, 95% of the people with big dreams of financial freedom never make it. The 5%, that do make it are the leaders of their company.

If you want the fat wallet, you must decide to do what it takes to become a leader.

In essence, an MLM Leader is like the alpha male in the animal world. The alpha male is the head of the wolf pack. He is the biggest and strongest wolf of the group. His job is to provide for and protect the rest of the wolves.

He keeps his position as leader until another male, bigger and stronger, comes along to defeat him, many times in mortal combat. The alpha male wolf is mostly a birthright from good genes and is claimed through combat.

The job of the MLM Leader is similar to the alpha male wolf. That is to provide for and protect his or her group of distributors. More specifically, the leaders job is to provide an environment that helps the distributor succeed in achieving his or her goals. If the distributor fails to reach their goals they are gone.

With the high drop out rate of most MLM companies it seems that there are a lot of leaders failing to live up to the promise the new distributors bought into by joining their company.

My mentor taught me that there are no bad distributors, only bad leaders. We are only talking about was those distributors that bought into the system. Distributors that do not participate, by not getting trained and plugging into
the system, have chosen to fail all on their own. The MLM Leader becomes a leader, by acting like a leader. They take on the posture of the alpha MLM'er.

There are some people with a natural charisma, that fall into the leadership role. They are like alpha male wolf. Many top MLM leaders have taken another path. They grow into the role by learning what it takes to be a leader. Network Marketing
is one of the few places that encourage people to grow into power and wealth.

So. the first step to becoming a leader is to act like one. If you sit at the back of the room and never speak up, no one will even know you exist. If you don't exist, no one will follow you.

POSTURE is the first secret, to becoming an MLM Leader.

Posture is a lot like Poser. A poser is one who puts on an act. A poser has no substance and as a result has no power keep a leadership role. A poser can temporarily take power, but soon lose support, when the distributors fail to achieve their goals.

For a posture of leadership to have staying power, and really help the distributors reach their goals, the leaders have the following characteristics:

1. Posture - Act like a Leader
2. Big Dream - Gives purpose and direction
3. Commitment - In for the long haul
4. Passion - Be excited
5. Give - Help people get what they want
6. Fearless - Do what is uncomfortable
7. Edify - Make people feel good about being part of your

A Leader, with a good foundation in these characteristics, will create an environment conducive to the achievement of the goals of the individual distributors. By providing for, and protecting the group's distributors, the leader earns the role of Alpha MLM'er.

The wonderful thing is that these characteristics are learned skills. Many leaders talk about the problems they had in starting their business, and how they had to grow into their success. They did what it took to become leaders.

When the goals of it's distributors are achieved, the group's Alpha MLM'er, it's Leader, is rewarded with the fat wallet.

If you want the fat wallet, if you want to be one of the 5% that gain the financial freedom of walk away money, or even wealth, your job is to provide the environment for your distributors to succeed. Your job is to become the alpha
MLM'er, the leader of your group.

Each of the characteristics can be learned and will be discussed individually. In the next part we discuss the Big Dream and how it is the road map to becoming an MLM Leader.

Author's Bio: 

Russ Stiffler is a 2-time World Record Holder, and coach of World and National Champions in Water Skiing. He is using the system he developed, to produce excellence in his students, to help Network Marketers become one of the 5%ers. To see the next part of this series go to www.RussStiffler.com