Why are you procrastinating? Why are you making excuses? Why are you never completing anything? Why are you putting off until tomorrow what can be done today? Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

We all procrastinate at one time or another. We all are guilty of letting our family and friends sabotage our efforts. We often allow this to happen because we do not want to hurt their feelings. We also allow this to happen because it is easier to allow them to lead us astray then to focus on getting the task accomplished.

Next time your family or friends interrupt you during your business hours asking for a favor remind them that you are at work. If you were not your own boss would they expect you to leave work and risk being fired to have lunch, run an errand or chat on the phone? Probably not, so why are they asking you now knowing that you need to run your business so it makes a profit and not run it into the ground.
Next time you have well-meaning family and friends offering their suggestions on how you should run your business you need to find your backbone and ask them where they learned that particular piece of unsolicited advice. You may be surprised that it is just their opinion. If they do not have the formal training in the area they are advising it is better to seek out an expert than someone that is not the expert in that area. You would not see a dentist about a heart murmur so why take unsolicited business advice from a nonprofessional. Their opinion is just that – their opinion.

We also must look in the mirror and realize we are our own worst enemy at times. We sabotage ourselves and put the blame on family, friends and household pets. If you know you are procrastinating you need to figure out why.

Do you procrastinate because of…?
1. Fear of failure or success
2. Fear of rejection
3. Lack of knowledge on how to proceed
4. You don’t like the task
5. Lack of time

Once you understand why you are procrastinating you can design a plan of action. If you are afraid of failure or rejection, just grab the bull by the horns and complete the task to the best of your ability. Design a step-by-step system on how to complete the task. If you do not have the required knowledge seek out the guidance of a professional or a coach. Together you can work on completing the task. If you do not like to perform the task or do not have the time to complete it consider hiring someone to complete the task.

Once the task is completed or delegated, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You will be growing personally and a professionally. So, stop procrastinating. Stop talking and start doing. Take Action.

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STOP TALKING AND START DOING! Coach Jaynine is a business coach who gets people to take action. She will get you to move from talking about what you want to do - to doing what you want to do. Jaynine has over 20 years experience as a United States Marine, psychotherapist, and business owner. If you are ready to take action, increase your revenue and take your business to the next level contact Jaynine today at www.coachjaynine.com or 910-539-2810 and sign up for her free ecourse - Networking Detox: My 5 Secrets to Networking Success.