How are we going to reverse the 97% failure rate in MLM (home based business)? Education starts NOW!

As the failure rate continues to soar in MLM due to a number of factors, we truly need to rethink our positions we take in this industry! We have a very poor economy and we need to really look at what people's priorities are today! Almost everyone is hurt by increasing taxes which is even going to get worse as time goes on with no end in sight! Jobs and wages are being cut, homes lost, credit cards maxed out, and people have to change their habits! Budgets tighten and many things will have to be given up as we lower our lifestyle to stay afloat! The LAST thing after living expenses people will give up is their health and their looks (skin care), so this is the best industry to be in! Listed below are the main reasons people do not make it in a home based business!

1] Wrong Choice Of Programs To Promote: Money games, cash gifting, travel, telecoms, affiliate types, buying clubs, etc...are not the right programs to be in since none have stood the test of time! The BEST arena to be in is health, wellness, and skin care as these HAVE stood the test of time!

2] Program Jumping: People who do not focus and stay focused to give a program time to see if it pans out will lose every time! I see this a lot! People jump from one program to another thinking that the next one is the greatest thing since sliced pie! WRONG! You need to give a program about 6 months to a year to see if it will truly work, otherwise you will always fail! Also, the people you try & drag with you will give up on you and find someone else who is focused long term or simply give up all together!

3] Lack Of Research: This is the MAJOR reason why people fail! They buy into HYPE instead of doing the key research to make sure that this is the best choice for you and the people you bring in with you! READ policies and procedures to make sure that the company ALLOWS you to move your personally sponsored distributors anywhere you want without termination! Make sure it is a Matrix Comp Plan, great products at LOW prices, LOW auto ship for ease of duplication (IE-$30/month), interview your sponsor completely, make sure they have a turnkey system in place, not saturated, etc...

4] Bad Compensation Plans: The worst compensation plans in the industry are from bad to good> Binary, Breakaway, Unilevel, Hybrids, 1-up, 2-up, and finally the best is a Matrix (provided it is structured properly)! Bad comp plans simply reward the owners and the big guys, but never the little guy who simply wants to make a few hundred dollars per month! Watch my You Tube Video for a full explanation of this>

5] Way Overpriced Products: Typical examples of these are the way over priced juices and energy drinks with little if any efficacy (read the RDA on the back of the label)! If you want to promote health products, you need to look at what you get in each product to see the real value and how much does it cost and finally, the results people get on these products, not just the placebo effect that many people think they get!

6] Lack Of Support: This is also a major problem and it due to people NOT interviewing their sponsors only to find out later that their sponsors are simply recruiters instead who do NOT support them at all! Recruiters simply recruit and hope that people can carry the load themselves by sheer numbers!

7] Time Management: You have to have the true desire and commitment to be successful at home! You must set aside a certain amount of time to promote your business at home and hold to it! Setup daily tasks of what need to be done each day and do it! Too many people cannot regimen themselves to do what it takes to be successful at home and hence fail! Set goals to achieve! Talk to your sponsors for support on this!

8] Sheep Or Entrepreneur: People who blindly follow others who hype them up with dreams of riches without truly evaluating a program first are sheep! An entrepreneur uses all his/her resources to dissect a company prior to joining and continuously keeps updated on the competition out there! If you want to truly make it out there and those who you introduce to your business, do your homework or you are almost guaranteed to fail unless you simply luck out! Keep watching other programs and evaluate them ongoing to make sure your choice is right! Bottom line is to make sure the product you offer is of REAL VALUE to the many customers who will use it, not just other mlmers!

9] Utilize Your Uplines: If you need help, call your upline sponsor! He or she, if truly experienced will help answer questions you may have, help you with 3-way calls until you feel comfortable doing the calls yourself, help you set goals and achieve them, and if they are a good listener, they can help you get through the tough times!

10] Build Your Sale’s Funnel: In order to succeed at home, you need to continuously build a sale’s funnel! Keep making new friends in social groups online (just one example), and do follow-ups on a regular basis as one day you both may work together to build an awesome downline!

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I have been full time in MLM (Network Marketing) or some people call it a home based business since 1990! I have reviewed over 1,000 companies over the years and realized that we have a Major problem out there today and that is the high failure rate of people in MLM! My goal is to provide the necessary tools for people to be able to dissect a company to see if it is viable to promote long term. I am not looking for people who jump into the next hot deal, but rather those who want one company long term to retire with!

If you truly want to succeed long term, it requires education in order to decide on what works and what doesn't. I attribute my knowledge to years of information that I have gathered to be able to dissect companies easily! I hope that this article helps you make the right decision on which direction best fits you and your passion in this industry! Keep an open mind and make sure you research the many companies out there to see what is best for you as well as those you introduce to join you on your mission!

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