There is an ancient belief that the root cause of all health hazards began with the colon. Dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, the practice of colon cleansing was based on the idea that a healthy colon led to the body functioning more effectively and a greater sense of well-being. Recently, colon cleansing has become popular again and new methods such as herbal supplements, chemical treatments and colonic irrigation have emerged. The theory of auto-intoxication--that undigested food builds up mucus in the colon which leads to excessive toxins being produced and poisoning the body is what many colon cleansers aim to deal with. It is believed that these toxins can cause fatigue, weight gain, headaches and even low immunity. By cleansing the body internally, you could be enhancing its vitality and balance.

Basically, there are two cleansing methods. One, where products are self-administered and the other, which involves seeing a practitioner to implement the procedure. Read on to learn the difference, pros and cons of both.

Colon Cleansing Powders and Liquids - You can either consume these supplements orally or some have to be inserted through the rectum. Both force the colon to expel the toxins built up and cleanse itself internally. These are available over the counter at most supermarkets, pharmacies, healthfood stores and even online. Popular forms include enemas, laxatives, powders, capsules, enzymes and herbal teas. Most of these products subject the body to a drastic detoxification-many doctors say these type of products are not beneficial to the body's natural functioning. They can disrupt the balance of water and electrolytes in the body and even lead to dehydration and salt depletion. Enemas can also loosen the elasticity of the colon and cause long-term damage to the lower parts if used too often.

Chemical Colon Cleansers - Some colon cleanse are made of synthetic ingredients. These chemically produced cleansers are very effective in ridding the body of the waste and toxins. But many in the process also kill off the beneficial bacteria necessary for the natural functioning of the system-as well as disrupt the delicate balance of probiotics and microflora in the intestines. By doing this, the body is left incapable of defending itself and the digestion slows down as well.

Colonic Irrigation - Also known as high colonics. Colonic hydrotherapy, lavage, or clysters, colonic irrigation requires trained colonic hygienists or colon therapists to perform the procedure. While this form of hydrotherapy works much like an enema, it involves a lot more water and a lot less discomfort. Sessions may last up to an hour and the practitioner may use a range of water pressures and temperatures to effectively flush out all the toxins from the intestine. Combinations of water, enzymes, coffee, probiotics and herbs may also be used. Colonic irrigation has been proved helpful for people suffering from constipation and even chronic fatigue. On the downside though, there is a higher chance of infection due to poor sterilization of equipment, intestinal perforation and possibility of discomfort and pain if the therapist is inexperienced.

Natural Colon Cleansers - These are the safest, most effective colon cleansers available on the market today. They aim to rebalance the body and then allow the body to do its own work. A product like BeneCleanse is an herbal colon cleanse that will work with the body to eliminate waste and also continue to help support regularity in bowel movements. It is simple to follow with step-by-step instructions that don't force you to change your diet or daily schedule. If you are one of millions of Americans suffering from constipation and bowel irregularity, a gentle colon cleanse can help clear and balance your system and give you the relief you desire. The BeneCleanse Natural Detox program will help promote regular bowel movements, replenishment of necessary intestinal bacteria, elimination of waste and toxicity and support the restoration of overall health and well being. BeneCleanse also features a maintenance product component called MultiFibe. Through the daily use of MultiFibe, a carefully balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary fibers, the maintenance of good colonic and systemic health is easy. By taking a 2 capsule serving daily, you are providing your body with the essential nutrition it needs to maintain optimal colon health.

Natural colon cleansers in addition to a high fiber low fat diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots of water are the most effective and a safe option for a healthy and happy colon.

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NaturalDetox is a manufacturer of colon health supplements that are carefully formulated by a physician. This herbal colon cleanser provides a 3-step approach for colon cleansing, promoting and nutritionally maintaining a healthy colon.