Over the past 30 years or so, the popularity of the Positive thinking or Affirmations has touted to be the key to success in any area.

And it is true. Whatever you think or believe will present itself to you in your life.

The problem with ‘positive thinking’ is that it can also set you up for failure… Why? If you ignore your negative thoughts, you are missing an important aspect to sustainable success…. the truth!

The key to success is not ignoring your negative thoughts – but learning to be consciously aware of them so you can clear them.

Because those negative thoughts hold the key to understanding the truth about the patterns in your life.

Our lives are made up of patterns, formed from beliefs, thoughts and then actions. Those patterns keep showing up in our lives for us to deal with them.

You keep meeting the ‘same type’ of people. You keep getting the ‘same outcomes. You find yourself ‘stuck’ on the same rollercoaster! Those patterns hold important keys to success.

Each and every day our lives reflects what we think and believe about ourselves. It starts the minute you wake up.

Whether you get up early to meditate and exercise, or you choose to stay in bed; Whether you plan out your day or you just run on autopilot putting out fires all day; What you choose to eat; Who you choose to hang out with; How you choose to deal with stress and problems …. are all reflections of your beliefs and thoughts, that create patterns of reflection.

The closer you get to success, the more powerful those negative beliefs become. Because often times success leaves us feeling vulnerable, open to criticism or feeling we cannot sustain it.

This is especially the case with losing weight. As you start to shed those kilos on ANY program, the more fear, negativity, lack of self worth will begin to appear.

That is why most diet programs do not work in the long run. Because they do not deal with the real reason the weight is there in the first place.

Many people start diets and lose weight, but at the same time lose the one thing that is protecting them. Excess weight is simply emotion not dealt with. Usually a belief we have, or a trauma or fear not dealt with. So when the weight is gone, unless you have also dealt with the emotion that put the weight there in the first place, the vulnerability and fear will replace that weight very quickly!

Losing weight permanently requires change. A change to the way you think and what you do. That space between where you were and where you want to be can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is simply a pattern. Those negative thoughts you have will help you understand the pattern so it can be released.

If you are ready to be truly successful in your life and understand the patterns that have held you back, perhaps I can help. Why not schedule a 60 minute Discovery session with me, to see if and how I can help you release the patterns that have held you back from success.

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Over the past 30 years or so, the popularity of the Positive thinking or Affirmations has touted to be the key to success in any area.