Be it blue-berry or cookies and cream; ice creams are, without a doubt, the fun part of our lives.

The ice-cream van must have made you reminisce about the summer vacations of your childhood. Even today, the bell of ice cream man may make your heart pound with exhilaration, regardless of the fact that we can go and grab our favourite flavour from any neighbourhood store.

We are pretty sure that the vast majority of us have purchased something from an Ice Cream Van sooner or later in their life. 

We're additionally almost certain that not many of you will have ever pondered intricate details of the insurance of Ice Cream Vans. 

Luckily we have, so in case you are an Ice Cream Van proprietor and are searching for a perfect policy, we have got your back.

The Right Insurance Policy for Ice Cream Vans

The 'season' to relish ice-creams ought to be genuinely short in the UK with the sun raising its head and beaming through the day for just a couple of months a year. This elaborates that the ice cream vans would not be in use for a long time. Considering the scope of the business, a year-around insurance policy could cost some ice cream van owners an arm or a leg. Whatever length of strategy you go for, as an Ice Cream Van proprietor, you will most likely be searching for some type of business insurance, except if you're utilizing it only for private use. 

Yet before you begin searching for the right policy, there is something more important to know. As a general safety measure, check any nearby street rules before you set off to find the insurance for your ice cream van. This is because you might need to customise your insurance plan to cover any situation where you fail to comply with the general safety guidelines. 

For instance, the presentation of an ultra-low emission zone in London in April 2019 implies that ice cream vans that do not set standard requirements for the exhaust would need to pay a daily charge of £12.50 along with the regular fee of £15 for congestion, to work inside the zone. If you fail to cater to these guidelines, your business would likely end up in hot waters than giving you profit. 

The best bet is to choose the right insurance plan for you carefully. Generally, a short term policy would serve the purpose perfect, protecting your ice cream truck while on roads for the period of business operations (during a short period of summers).

Yet, on the off chance that you want an extensive policy providing you with theft and fire coverage for most months of the year, a yearlong insurance strategy could be ideal for saving you a few quid.

Additionally, recalling the fact that the ice creams van not be rolling on the roads for much time than just a few months, you also need a laying up coverage. 

Laying up coverage would allow you to appropriately store and secure your ice cream van while it is not being used all over town. This can be an incredible method for keeping your ice cream van in fantastic condition while they are not moving on the streets for a long interval of time (even for a considerable length of months or years). In like manner, this laying up coverage can help ensure your ice cream van will have the alternative to quickly progress back to normal usage when you wish to bring them back on the streets after the long, cold winters. 

Compare Before You Decide

Insurances are crucial for the sustainability of any business. Thereby, it is highly recommended to do thorough research before you opt for any policy. If you are looking to easily acquire van insurance, sign up with VanCompare, a digital platform that allows you to compare multiple van insurance options in the UK. VanCompare is an easy-to-use portal offering accurate comparisons and recommendations on insurance options. What else, the whole procedure of signing up, filling in details, and getting the quote takes just three minor minutes. If you do not believe our words, then count it yourself. There is only a month left of summers in the UK, hurry up and get your ice cream truck rolling in the streets. 

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