It is difficult to live with greasy and oily hair men; This type of hairs are harmful for your health. Here we will provide you tips to remove oil from your hair.

Men have greasy hair more than women because of genetics. Hormones that determine the level of fat in the scalp are testosterone. These greasy hairs can affect your different body parts like it is one of the reason of clogged pores on scalp. Fortunately, they do not tend to affect dyes, hair straighteners, and various treatments that women regularly apply because their scalp probably would not resist them.

How to remove oil from hair

Identify the problem

The first step to getting rid of oily hair is to identify it, look at its characteristics:

  • If you run your finger through the hair, it will look oily, even if the hair has just been washed from the roots to the ends.
  • Oily hair looks wet and flattened, with the hair stuck together, especially in the root zone. It is difficult to comb, and sometimes when it is very greasy; it can smell bad.
  • If the hair is light (blond or white), it tends to yellow.
  • Sometimes he has dandruff.

You also have to know what causes this grease in your hair. Possible causes of oily hair are: 

  • A hormonal imbalance that increases testosterone.
  • You were washing your hair too often. 
  • Stress.
  • Consumption of snuff.
  • Consumption of foods rich in fat.
  • Poor hygiene.

Wash your hair properly.

It is important not to wash it in one go. Still, after shampooing and rinsing, the operation should be repeated, covered with shampoo again, and massaged gently so that the shampoo penetrates the roots and activates circulation.  It is also not good to wash it every day since removing all the oil from the scalp.

The scalp build up removal process is easy. You need to massage your scalp with a generous amount of oil. From there, shampoo again and do a vinegar rinse with apple cider vinegar (mix 2-4 tbsp vinegar with 16 oz. Just wait after the process for two hours and shampoo using a clarifying shampoo. 

You also need to know about seborrheic dermatitis hair loss. Seborrheic dermatitis generally doesn't cause hair loss. An issue like scratching your scalp can injure your hair follicles; that's why you see some hair loss.

It is important to use a good shampoo for greasy hair who make hair strong and always uses warm water or boil water which stimulates sebum production; you can learn more on

The shampoo should be applied gently and without excessively rubbing the scalp, as this stimulates oil production, and the same can be said for towel drying. After washing, it is best to dry the hair with the head tilted so that the roots are separated as far as possible from the scalp. This way, the hair will have more volume and it will take longer to greasy. However, this effect will be lost as the hours go by. You can dry it in the air or with the dryer, but do not do it with high heat. 

Tricks to take care of oily hair

There are specific home remedies that you can use:

  • Diet is important: we must increase the consumption of vitamin A, such as carrots, spinach, melon, milk, egg, and cheese, and avoid those that deplete it, such as alcohol and coffee.
  • Avoid touching your hair too much since you dirty it more than it gets on its own, and remember to clean the comb you use daily. 
  • Avoid using any greasy product, such as wax and styling oils. It is best not to apply to fix products of any kind, but if there is no choice but to do so, all the products that you use, natural or industrial, must be specific for oily hair.
  • Try to keep your hair airy. The less you cover it, the more delicate it will be and the less it will sweat, which will help produce less fat.
  • Please take advantage of the resources that nature provides us with. There are plants, such as nettle and green beans, which, when infused, give rise to a liquid with highly astringent characteristics, which help eliminate excess sebum. The horsetail is also very efficient. They must be applied after washing. Another option is to use lemon, which has degreasing and cleansing qualities. Still, while nettle infusions or similar do not need rinsing, the lemon juice should only be on the hair for a few minutes, and then it should be rinsed with plenty of water to avoid weighing it down.
  • We already gave you home remedies to create natural creams with plants, which help us with beauty treatments and provide health and savings to make aloe vera cream. For oily hair, pure aloe vera gel mixed with a little orange juice, applied after washing 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes, after which it must be rinsed with warm water, is perfect. 
  • And, above all, do not stress. Nervousness and anxiety are some of the main causes of excess fat in the body in general and in the hair in particular, so keep calm, and your hair will greatly appreciate it.


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