When it’s up to children clothing, it is important to pay more attention to garments quality rather than outlook. Garments that are made of low quality materials can cause skin allergy and discomfort to your children. You must also check out the materials used for manufacturing children’s clothing. Nowadays, children’s garments are made from mixed fabric such as polyester, nylon and cotton. Among the different types of clothing materials, merino wools are becoming popular as kids clothing material due to its distinctive features.

A large number of garments for babies and children are manufactured using merino wools. Unlike other wool garments, merino wool garments are not just used for winter season. They are used even summer seasons due to their breathable and soft nature.

Some important features of merino wool garments are listed below:


Among the different types of wool varieties, merino wools are considered to be one of the finest wool varieties. Due to its very soft nature, they are used predominantly for manufacturing baby and children clothing such as ullbukse and ullgenser.

Regulates body temperature:

Like other wools, merino wools provide warmth but does not overheats the body. Since, its fiber are much finer than traditional wool, they enhance the air circulation and maintains the body temperature even during outdoor activities. Like cotton, merino wools are also able to absorb the sweat effectively and prevent skin rashes.

Slightly water repellent:

They can also repel water to some extent and can maintain a consistent body temperature regardless of activity level.

Absorbs water but retains warmth:

Merino wools have the ability to absorb water up to 1/3 of its weight, but provide warmth without showing any signs of wetness. This absorbing mechanism helps children to enjoy several hours of outdoor activities without feeling damp due to sweating.


Merino wool fibers are known for their durable nature. They can last longer without the need for periodic knitting.


Since, they are only a fraction of the diameter of traditional wool fibers. Merino wool fibers absorb sweat and circulate the air effectively, making them comfortable for children during long hours of outdoor activities. It also contains lanolin which is known for its antibacterial properties.

These are some important features that pinpoint the importance of merino wool garments. When choosing merino wool garments for your children it is important to check out its quality. Nowadays, merino clothes are made from fixed fabrics and contain only a small amount of merino wool.

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